Testing The Newest Flavors Of Lays Potato Chips


Lays Cappuccino Flavored Potato Chips

Cappuccino was first up because I happened to have a bottle of Irish cream handy and thought the two would go nicely together. When I began, the cappuccino flavor struggled to stand out against the chip. Worried about so many flavors colliding, I set my drink aside. However, even alone, the chips failed to make a lasting impression. They smelled more than tasted like cappuccino, and it was just a whiff at that. The downfall of Lays Cappuccino Flavored Potato Chips is that the coffee is too faint and is positively overpowered by the potato flavor. This chip is good for when you are bored and want something new but don’t want to put too much effort into it, and don’t really care about how the experience affects you. This would pair nicely with any sub-par TV show out right now.

I give it a C.

Lays Cheddar Bacon Mac and Cheese Flavored Potato Chips

Well, the good thing about this is that it had a palpable taste. The bad news is that the taste vaguely resembles vomit. The slight cheesiness combined with what I can only imagine read as “grease” in the minds of the makers as opposed to bacon, created an overly thick feeling in the mouth that blocked out any actual flavor. The first moment the chip rests on the tongue, it is delightful and easy to understand how it could be desirable. However, when teeth make contact with each other to chew, its true greasy, heavy colors shine through, and that is what makes this chip an almost-failure. The aftertaste of a whisper of pepper redeems it in the end. This is the kind of chip you eat when you are already in a hopeless mood and don’t see what’s wrong with going for broke.

I give it a D.

Lays Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger Flavored Potato Chips

Unrestrained wasabi and tantalizing ginger, plated on a dependable kettle chip, the combination was titillating and made me reach back into the bag for more. I knew it couldn’t last forever, so I tempered myself, savoring and treasuring each chip for what it was- a new and enthralling adventure. Wild and daring, always teasing and never releasing you, this chip emboldens the taster. It will test your self-control. It isn’t the chip I would have chosen to love, but do. Who would have thought that a combination of flavors and textures so different from potato chips would result in such an exquisite concoction? Each distinct flavor, though bold, serves to bring out the best in the other. This chip is great to go along with your favorite dysfunctional relationship, on or off-screen. I know I will always support Wasabi Ginger, but will it be there for me? I can see it now, me down on my luck and needing Wasabi Ginger, only to find it has vanished from existence , from production, without so much as a goodbye, leaving me to settle for a substitute. And though I may not be able to count on it in the long run, I firmly believe it is the choice for me in the here and now.

This chip gets an A plus.

Lays Wavy Mango Salsa Flavored Potato Chips

Oh, Mango Salsa. The moment I felt it in my mouth, it was wonderful. The ridges were an excellent touch, providing each splash of flavor with a wave to ride upon. But you failed to keep me interested, Mango Salsa. It was my fault, I know. Ever since I learned of these four flavors, Mango Salsa was the one I wanted to try most, so I saved it for last. I thought it seemed like the chippiest flavor, the next natural step in chip creation. But something was missing. The mango taste was there, but what else is supposed to be in the salsa? It is tasty, indeed, but impossible to decrypt. It’s also a little too tart. This didn’t really taste so much like a potato chip as a dried mango chip. This isn’t a bad thing. It was still great. It just wasn’t everything I thought it would be. This is the kind of chip that gives unconditionally and is good until the last bite. Generous, earnest and true, it’s only real downfall is that I had another option, Wasabi Ginger. Yet I feel Mango Salsa may be around for the long haul, and I salute it as a good runner-up. This is a great chip to eat when you are alone, reflective, and looking towards the future. Perhaps as you are letting go of a long sought-after dream, or it is raining outside.

I give it an A, because even if it wasn’t what I expected, I recognize good work when I taste it.