Thank You For Breaking My Heart


Thank you for saying goodbye when I so desperately want to continue.

Thank you for letting me go even though I held on for so long.

Thank you for breaking my heart at the height of my love for you.

When I thought I was being selfless by loving you against all odds, I failed to see how I was actually hurting you. I prided myself in knowing you best, only to be blinded by my thoughtlessness. I was too caught up with my feelings for you to realize you found it harder and harder to minimize the heartache you will inevitably cause me. How well do I know that no matter how much you try to hide it, you can never abandon a wounded soul. And I preyed on that, whether consciously or not, I trapped you, held too tight. Until you said the words I wanted to hear, until you said what you didn’t mean.

You lied to keep me happy.

It was an elaborate illusion I believed was my reality. But no one’s meant to dream forever, slowly I was being pulled awake. With every yes you said, I started hearing no. Coldness spread throughout my body with your every touch. Your kisses left a trail of scars. I took away your freedom. I thought that if I tried everything I would get to keep you.

But when I professed to love you without expectations, I gave you the burden of shattering my heart to pieces.

So I’m sorry for making you say goodbye for the two of us. I’m sorry for not walking away when you hesitated to take my hand. I’m sorry for loving you til I broke your heart.

Finally, I’m setting you free, but forgive me…

I cannot stop loving you.