Thank You For Existing


You are amazing. Maybe, one day, you will begin to doubt that. Maybe, one day, you will wake up wondering why you are stuck in the same old boring life. Maybe, one day, you will wonder where you failed.

I dearly hope when that day comes, you can go over this and be reminded of who you are, at least, in my eyes.

You are amazing for so many reasons. You have the ability to remain kind in all situations to everyone regardless of who they are and what their social status is.

You can see past everyone’s labels and interact with them without a single hint of apprehension or disgust.

You can share a good laugh with people despite hearing stories of their twisted personalities. You can sit with them and treat them the same way you treat every other person you interact with.

I have seen you stay the same, even after you have known the crazy and ugly parts of a person.

The world needs more people like you who are non-judgmental and warm.

There is negativity all around us. People always have something bad to say. The world can be accepting in a minute and condemning the next minute, and it is nice to know that people like you exist. A person who can accept someone wholeheartedly, even after they are covered in filth.

Even when life does not really go the way you have planned it, you are not consumed by life’s low blows and you continue living, knowing it will get better soon.

Even though you have this growing resentment towards your dad, it never changed how you treat others and it did not change how you look at life.

Surely there are bad days, but your kindness knows no tough days.

Surely you have been rejected by the very people you hold dear in your heart, but I have never seen a single ounce of hatred in you.

It is like every single time the world throws you stones, it only takes you a second to understand the situation and forgive.

It is almost impossible to see how you can stay kind despite whatever comes your way, and I firmly believe God cannot let that go unpaid for. I believe that the universe owes you something to compensate for the kindness you throw around.

You deserve a love that will hold you dear even when you are covered in filth. A love that does not flinch at your mistakes, but understands you and cheers for you until you are strong enough to stand back up again.

You deserve a love so accepting that even when you expose your crazy and ugly parts, you will never ever feel abandoned.

You deserve a love that does not change even on tough days. A love that can argue with you, but cannot let the day go by without letting you know that regardless of how stupid your decisions are, you are still worth hanging around.

You deserve a love that is okay with you failing and trying again.

You deserve a love that will never think twice and will always choose you in a heartbeat.

You deserve someone who only takes a second to decide whether they want to stay, even after you have burned everything down, even after you have bathed yourself in shame, and even after you have tried hard and failed.

A kindness like yours deserve something back, because whether the world agrees or not, a person like you is what everyone needs.

We need someone who we can call home when even our very own families have started to reject us. We need someone whose very presence tells our anxieties and fears to hush because everything is going to be okay.

We need someone who is kind enough to stay when the lights have been shut down and the audience has started leaving. We need someone exactly like you.

I know that kind people like you deserve nothing but joy. The trip is not always smooth sailing, but when days are rough, I hope you never forget that somehow someone is rooting for you.

I hope this reminds you that your presence is never unnoticed. You are greatly appreciated and loved.