Thank You For Loving Me As I Am


I’ve done quite some reading because I wanted to know what this thing called ‘LOVE’ really is. And what I have read then, came out as mere words. Words that made sense but it’s still mere words. Until suddenly today, I actually felt what they meant, knew deeply what the word conveyed.

Love is you and me.

I love you because I love you. Because it is impossible for the raging sea to stop hitting the sands. Because it is impossible for the earth not to have the beautiful sky above. Because it is impossible for the hummingbird not to seek the sweetest nectar. I love you because it is impossible for me not to feel this unconditional love for you. I love you as deeply as I am capable of loving as a woman and as a human being. And I thank you for embracing the sincerity of my love.

Love is finding you.

Finding each other is a wonderful feeling. But finding true love in you is an even better feeling. And these are the words I want to tell you in a soft rustling sound like the whisper of leaves in the wind during autumnal equinox.

You’re the reason why I get up every morning and that brief moment during the day is when I used to recognize and care the exquisite beauty in something like the color of the sky in the morning when the birds begin their morning call while the gorgeous red hues of sunrise is crossing over the horizon; the crisp cold scent of the earth; the color of a wildflower growing in a hedgerow or when the sky is blue and filled with puff-ball white clouds. You taught me how to be grateful and enjoy that happiness in each moment.

Love is a blessing to thank for.

I want you to know that you are one of the greatest blessings I have ever received from heaven here on earth.

To say these words just do not seem enough somehow. But, thank you!

Thank you for not letting me think that love is difficult, hard and painful.

Thank you for loving me. You care enough to see who I am. That when I start talking, you always look into my eyes and have your mind following my words.

Thank you for loving me in a way that I’ve never had to go look for love in all the wrong places.

And yes, thank you because I’m in the best place with you.