Thank You For Loving Me


You were undoubtedly the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing because that’s what you are. An experience.

You are the reason my life is amazing and I have so much to thank you for. Without you, my life would be a galaxy consisting of no stars, an ocean with no fish. I would be a blank canvas and you are a neon splash of color.

Everything I hate about myself and all the fears I have disappear with you because I am so sure about you and about us that I feel safe in an exhilarating way. My heart pumps out of my chest at your smile and the thought of your arms calms down my butterflies for a second until they get worse.

Loving you is more than just mutual admiration for one another. Loving you is having the world at my hands and knowing that it is ours to enjoy forever and nothing sounds better to me.

Although its safe to say life can really suck, I barely ever notice. I spend too much time observing how you handle life with such grace and being grateful to have someone like you to have by my side.

You hide me away from all the sadness I used to know so well and the pain. It’s been so long that I sometimes completely forget what that even feels like anymore. The days when I do remember, you’re there to assure me that life evolves and doors open and close and that part of my life is locked behind a door I don’t have to open back up if I don’t want to. You remind me that moving on is part of growing up and that the pain in the past is where it belongs… in the past.

You love to see me smile and I can tell that. I can tell by the way you love to tickle me and the way you stare at me when I laugh with the biggest grin on your face. You’re goofy and young and you are the breath of air I never knew I needed. You were light in a shadow I didn’t know I stood in and I hope everyone finds their person. The person who provides them with endless happiness and giggles and more love than you could ever imagine.

Thank you for loving every piece of me.