Thank You For Not Marrying Me


Thank you for saying that you don’t want someone like me to be the mother of your kids, because it gave me clarity to see what kind of man I’d want my future kids to have as a father.

Thank you for telling me that I was an overly demanding b**ch, because now I see that those ‘demands’ came from a place of real respect I have towards myself, and I would never let anyone treat me in abusive ways. At least not anymore.

Thank you for saying that I can’t use logic because you were right. My logic would have found you perfect. My logic would have put your achievements, compliments people threw at you and the house you plan to buy on top ranks. My heart and intuition, however, screamed the opposite.

Thank you for telling me that I’d make a good porn star if I had breast implants because it taught me to set boundaries for guys who treats women like an object.

Thank you for looking at other women and complementing their physical appearances when you were with me, because that’s how I know you can never fully commit. (And that moment when you told the masseuse you wanted to marry her in front of me after I went a good distance to find a pair of scissors you were looking for? Gold.)

Thank you for not letting me finish my sentences because it made it clear to me that I want to be with someone who I can have real talks with, someone who understands how to listen.

Thank you for saying that women are such pain in the ass even plants are better than them in front of everyone when you were with me because it made me realize that I can never be with someone who appreciate women less than, well, plants.

Thank you for talking ill about your mother, calling your exes names and criticizing your friend’s little daughter because it showed me how much you hated women, as well as what emotionally handicapped actually means. Thank you for showing the early signs so I wouldn’t have to spend my life in frustration and desperation.

Thank you for telling me that my scores had decreased over time even though I was once perfect, because it taught me how to accept others as they are without putting numbers on them, and to love myself unconditionally.

Thank you for saying that asking me to marry you, learn your language and move to your country, and making a promise to spend the rest of our lives together didn’t mean a thing since you didn’t put a ring on my finger. Now I am able to spare myself from empty promises and focus my attention to those who know how to stick to their words and turn them into actions.

Thank you for telling me that I deserved to be treated that way because it made it so much easier for me to walk away. Thank you for saving me from even bigger, more devastating heartbreak.

Thank you for the greatest gift ever. Thank you for not marrying me.