Thank You For Shattering My Heart Like It Was Absolutely Nothing


Thank you.

For shattering me in ways I didn’t know I could be shattered. To the point I didn’t think I could ever be the same again. I had no understanding of anything that happened nor did I see it coming.

Thank you.

For making me feel like all of the soft parts of my heart were gone and for pushing me off this huge ledge when you pulled the rug out from under me without warning.

There is nothing that can feel worse than when you told me “I don’t love you anymore.” I loved you more than I could have ever imagined myself loving someone, but no matter how fiercely I loved you, I couldn’t force you to love me back. And you know what, I decided that’s okay.

Thank you.

Because of you, I understand that there is someone who will love me and I won’t have to convince him to do so.

I know that he will restore my heart and those soft parts wont just be parts, but my whole heart. I will have no recollection of what it felt like to be so shattered, so broken, because he will rebuild me. From the ground up, with nothing but love. And I know I wont be that girl I feared I’d never be again, because I will be an entirely different person but in an amazing way.

So, thank you.

For freeing me to seek out exactly what I need and know I deserve.