Thank You For Showing Me What Love Truly Means


I like to believe that sometime, in this life, I would be lucky enough to meet the person who is destined to me…

And, if that person is not the destined one, but the one I need, please read this… read this letter when both of us reach that moment of life when we will just feel that our relationship won’t work anymore.

Honestly, I don’t know if life is just unfair and evil or just stupid. I don’t understand why this life wants you and I to be strangers again and not an „Us” anymore.

Of course, I could write so many lines in on how to solve the mystery of Universe, but now is not the moment. This letter is for us and for our love; the love I decided to send back to the sky in order to become magic and to fall again in our ways.

I don’t know what I could say more, so I will just start. I don’t want to forget my idea.

To begin with, I want to thank you.

Thank you for teaching me what is love, for helping me to feel love, for showing me that love means so many things.

During Autumn, you taught me that love means patience. You told me that love is like a wizened leaf that I hope won’t fall from the branch. However, even though I was so scared when the wind blew heavily, but you were there already… to pick the leaf and to press it between the pages of your heart.

Actually, you told me that my heart is that leaf and during the time I pray for it not to break, someone prays aswell for it to do otherwise so it could be taken from the ground. I am glad because that someone was… you.

During Winter, you taught me that loves means to shape. You shaped my sadness into snowflakes and sprinkled them against my eyelids, my chest and on my wrists. Even though I was afraid to become one of them, they became one of me. You told me that I am joy and acceptance… that I am more than just the snow that lays on my soul.

During Summer, you taught me how to swim. To swim in dreams, emotions, experiences and desires. You taught me how to break the waves with the passion I have for me, for you, for life. And, in the moments when I was tired and I let myself drown, you were there to give me oxygen.

But of all the seasons, during Spring you taught me one thing I used to find impossible: to write when I feel happy. You helped me convert my happiness into words without losing it after.
You taught me how to convince the rays of the sun to maneuver my hands when I put down my thoughts and to bring down the stars next to me without waiting for the night to come.

Because of you, I finally understood that I don’t have to wait until Spring to feel the rain of the petals of the Cherry blossoms. Your kisses brought them during every Winter, your hugs during every Autumn, your glances every Summer, but your heart… it brought them whenever I really needed.

I don’t know if what I just said made any sense, but I want you to know that your love didn’t blind me; it gave me back my real sight.

You showed me that I can find love in ordinary situations. Whenever I caught you dancing on your own in your office just because in your steps you found mine; when I saw you almost breaking your bones on the rink just because you knew how much I love to skate; when I noticed you reading my books just so you could understand why I cried so much when I read them.

You made me understand that the way you let me love you makes me beautiful and you should know that I feel like I am the most beautiful in this world.

From life comes life, from your love—my love, from your happiness—my happiness.

You showed me that I can find love anytime… anywhere.

Thank you so much, my dear.

This should have not been the end of the letter, but I don’t want to lie to you or to myself.

Please… I beg you, before you go from here; from my soul and my heart….

Before you go… please, remain!