Thank You For Waiting For Me


You saw me; you saw me transparently. I know you like me – you told me. Thank you. You listened to my stories, you said I never bore you. You listened to my jokes, but you never liked them, you said you only like the part where it makes me happy. You stayed after you saw the part of me I refused to show you. Thank you.

It all started as a joke, our conversation, and I am thankful that you sent me that message. You said you still remember the date you first talked to me, in fact, you greeted me on our “anniversary.”

We’ve been talking for a while now, but we still only know few things about each other. I don’t know when your birthday is, I’m not sure if you know mine; I get constantly confused where you live; I don’t know your full name; I don’t know why you love staying up late at night.

But I want to know you.

Because for once, someone liked me for my laughs, someone liked me not for the face I have.

You told me you love me, but you know I was and still am not ready, and you respected that. You said you want to take things to the next level once I totally forget all about him. I was joking around with you last night when you told me that. I guess you are serious.

You see me differently. I can feel it.

I feel so special when you are talking to me, especially when you compliment me. You tell me what you want to say, it doesn’t matter if it will hurt me or not, and I like that about you.

I want to thank you for saving me from every bad day I’m about to have. We don’t talk about a lot but I feel happy just seeing your name in my Facebook messenger. You don’t know me, but you wanted to. Maybe I am just afraid you may see something you may not like, and poof! leave like the others.

I want to thank you for being yourself, for showing that you care, for wanting to talk to me every day – sorry if you don’t usually get a reply. I just don’t want you to get tired of me.

I’m sorry if I don’t make sense most of the time. I’m sorry if I am still not ready. I’m sorry if I’m taking too much of your time. I’m sorry if I occupy too much space in your mind. I’m sorry if my moving on is taking too long.

I don’t want to keep you waiting, I don’t want to give you false hope, and I don’t want you to hate me. But I don’t know how much longer this would take.

I want you to know how much you’re making me happy, I want you to know how much I appreciate you, how much this means to me. I can’t think of the right words to say, I can’t think of anything to say that would describe how grateful I am that I knew someone like you.

Thank you for staying; thank you for looking out for me.

Thank you for making me feel wanted, needed. I can’t wait till the day that I am ready, so I can repay you with all the good things you’ve done for me. I hope you won’t get tired along the way.