Thank You To The People Who Have Burned Me


Thank you to the people who have burned me.

Thank you for lighting in a fire inside me, however unintentional.

Thank you for sparking inspiration in dark times, even though you caused the shadows.

Thank you for putting me through such unimaginable pain, for it was then that I found how my endless strength was.

Thank you for allowing my words to speak like knives, with a tongue that only got sharper with each stab you threw.

Thank you for the words you left unsaid, as it left me to fill my world with twice as many.

Thank you for doubting me, for I realized how much I truly believed in myself in those times.

Thank you for not showing up, I learned how important it is through your failure of it.

Thank you for treating me so poorly, you taught me how to never let myself be disrespected again.

Thank you for always leaving me guessing and empty, you solidified that idea in my mind that I never wanted to live like that again.

Thank you for not following through, I no longer believe in people’s sweet nothings unless backed up with actions.

Thank you for both hiding and showing your true self at different times. I learned to find the good in people, but not to be so easily tricked into wanting to be with someone who I didn’t truly know at the core of it.

Thank you for being stubborn, I accepted that you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to, and that’s okay.

Thank you for giving me so much before you inevitably stripped it all away, I saw for a moment how much I truly deserved.
Thank you for being a flash of light and hope. It was electric yet safe while it lasted, you showed me how much I have to give someone else.

Thank you for being so incredibly wrong for what I needed, it made me appreciate the times when things went right.

Thank you for being a detour in my life, for the brilliant path I am on might not have gone the same direction it’s headed without it.

Thank you for being exactly what I needed at the time. You brought me overwhelming happiness, pain, dark, and light. Life is meant to be lived in extremes.

Thank you for the end, it left me with the promise of new beginnings.