Thanks For Nothing, Allstate


In theory, I understand that this is “funny.” It’s the oldest ad-trick in the book: take two seemingly disparate things and combine them into one hilarious, bound-to-go-viral video. Sort of like rapping grandmas or talking animals. In this case, though, a smooth, handsome dude in a suit is as far as it gets from an Internet lingo-spewing, baby pink truck-driving, boy-crazy, text message-addicted teenage girl. Ha ha ha, easy laugh, easy ad.

But isn’t there something a little problematic about reinforcing the notion that teenage girls are vapid and irresponsible? At what point does this step into self-fulfilling prophecy territory? Tell adolescent girls they’re supposed to like pink and think about nothing but boys, and that’s exactly what they’ll like and think about.

I know it’s just an ad, but I preferred those slow-mo motorcyle crashes.

Isn’t that a more effective way of selling auto insurance, anyway?