The 10 Best Jokes About THAT Presidential Text Alert


October 3, 2018 marks the text heard around the world — or, I guess, the United States. The White House tested out its new emergency text alert system, which sends an Amber Alert-type notification to your phone and is (unfortunately for some) something you can’t opt out of.

But even though these notifications may seem a little annoying to some, it does make for some great jokes. Here are our favorites, thanks to Twitter dot com.

1. Well now this is just rude

2. What the alert SHOULD have said

3. I think my alerts are broken…

4. We need new methods!!

5. Are these alerts the new Twitter?

6. A little rough but a good reminder

7. This is getting out of hand

8. What’s next, Direct TV alerts??

9. Goodbye, old friend

10. The truest tweet of all