The 10 College Classmates Who Will Make You Anxious


College is a prime location for meeting diverse personalities. However, not all personalities are positive.

There is a fair share of college students who make others anxious. Whether they know it or not, these classmates facilitate stresses in others. Here are ten of the most notable college classmates who make you anxious.

1. The “Going to the Library” Student

As you get up from dinner, you ask this person what they are doing, thinking you may have a FIFA partner.  “Going to the library,” the person answers.

This individual is always at the library. It does not matter if it is the first week of classes or finals week, this students is always there. There is no evidence the student gets work done or just enjoys the atmosphere of the library. The student always “finds something to do” in the library.

2. The “Super-Involved” Student

Not only does this person preface every adjective with “super,” but he or she is also the face of every student group. You go to a show, the student is in the play. You go to a philanthropy event, the student raised a ton of money. You go to a concert, he or she is on the planning committee. You go to a party, the person is on the organization’s executive board. Your lack of involvement in comparison makes you super-anxious.

3. The “Internship-Obsessed” Student

One of the scarier students in the anxiety pack, this student applies to 50 companies for summer internships. You did not even know that many marketing or finance or advertising firms even existed. This person knows everything about the university career website and cannot believe you do not. He or she knows when recruiters are visiting campus, who the human resources representatives are at every corporate internship site and who has applied to what internships. The student is shocked when you ask a basic question such as when an internship application is due.

4. The “Grade Whore”

Although much of this fat is trimmed in the jump from high school to college, some beasts still exist. This is the student who navigates through every hole to get his grades bumped. He or she studies testing skills, not the curriculum of the class. His or her class questions revolve around, “What part of this do we need to know for the test?” Any B+ results warrant an automatic visit to the TA’s office to argue the grade.

You are too lazy to remember your TA’s name.

5. The “All For One” Student

The most devious of the anxiety species, this student exhibits questionable loyalty. You study all night with this person and feel good about the test, only to find out shocking news in the morning. The student, knowing some content was missed in the study session, wakes up early to review important material. After the test, you consult the friend, thinking you both forgot to study a specific topic. Instead, the friend reveals he or she studied the material in the morning and “assumed you knew it would be on the test.”

6. The “I’m so Screwed” Student

After studying as much as you can, this person tells you he or she is unconfident about the test. Considering you see this person as academically superior, this is alarming. He or she cannot stop talking about how you both did not do enough preparation and the test will be “impossible.” You convinced yourself you were ready for the test, but after talking to this person, you start getting stressed. Your friend is “shocked” he or she walks away from the exam with an A-.

7. The Overachiever

The most historic of the anxiety bunch, this student is the epitome of “going above and beyond.” This person uses custom animations for PowerPoint presentations and walks into every classroom five minutes early. He or she does every reading and finishes papers before most people start writing.

8. The “Perky” Student

Your friends say this person is “nice,” but you do not buy it. While pounding away coffee in your morning lectures, this student pierces your ears with upbeat answers to rather boring questions. You do not buy this person’s genuine interest in the material and consider his or her reputation “fake.”

Note: Both The Overachiever and “Perky” students can be synonymous with the “know-it-all.”

9. The “Naturally Smart” Student

This student barely shows up for class, does not buy all the required textbooks and participates in a plethora of illegal activities. Yet, when grades are handed back, this student walks away with straight A’s. Somewhere in there, the student finds the time to transfer the curriculum to his or her brain. You do not resent this person. You only feel more anxiety because you are not like him.

10. The “Social Mediaite”

This student abuses your social media feeds with academic stresses. Facebook statuses revolve around work the student has to and how much sleep they have not been getting. Tweets feature jokes on engineering, journalism and chemistry. Instagrams put study guides and textbooks through filters. This student also boasts about grades on all forms of social media.