the 10 commandments of catcalling


10. keep your mouth shut when you see any girl out in public that you don’t know

9. if you think about catcalling, delete this thought immediately

8. cut out your tongue to keep you from catcalling

7. throw yourself into incoming traffic when you find the need to catcall

6. before telling a girl to “smile beautiful” punch yourself in the face and continue doing so until you are unconscious

5. if you think just because a girl smiled at you that you can approach her, poke both of your eyes out

4. never ask a girl for her number just because you want it

3. girl: waves at you
you: wave back at the girl while walking past her and saying nothing

2. if all else fails and you just have to compliment a girl you don’t know on the street, immediately apologize, give her all the money in your wallet and live a life of celibacy

1. read number 10