The 10 Friends From High School Every Girl Forgets To Thank


1. The best, best friend. She kept you grounded, she was your companion on bus rides and on the weekends. You talked about everything and anything and everyone and anyone. You knew her family as well as she did. You took spontaneous trips and talked about embarrassing things and had the absolute best pains-in-your-stomach-laughing moments. You forgot to appreciate her for these little things while you still had her.

2. Your twin. It’s like you were separated at birth. You’re best friends of a whole new variety: you’re inseparable and you understand each other without having to say or really do anything at all. You probably looked super similar, but even if not, you were the same person, in two.

3. The genius, classic cool girl friend. She read books you never heard of. Your talks were about movies and awesome heroes, celebrity crushes and Tumblr posts. Even if you briefly lost touch, you always knew you could send her a funny thing or a note about a TV Show she should watch.

4. The quirky, crazy one. She was smart, crazy, chaotic and so damn creative. She was always talking. Art projects took up most of her time, but you were always going around bragging about how talented she was. She always had the most unique outfits and accessories. She was never one par for the course. She was curious, she was intelligent, she was the person you turned to for gossip and for every problem you had.

5. The best friend from your early days. You were besties in elementary or middle school. You’ve known each other forever. You will never not be best friends. Time may change people, but nothing changes the memories you have together.

6. The one who you needed time to get comfortable with, but always liked so much. You may not have gotten along at first, but that really doesn’t matter anymore. She’s the one who can straight talk you. She’s the one who shows you how friendship really works. You have so much fun together because you’re so honest.

7. The nice girl you don’t spend enough time with. You’d spend every moment together if only your schedules weren’t so tied up. It’s easy for these friends to think that you don’t care or you aren’t interested, when in reality, you think she’s awesome, and wish you could make more time.

8. The one you love dearly and don’t tell enough. The friend who answers every teary phone call, is there to give you notes and an extra dollar for lunch, who takes your side in arguments and has been loyal to you from day one.

9. The best friend who had to move away. You are connected through so many memories. There is this secret oath you don’t share with anyone else, this oath of a future meeting and to never forget the best time you had in your life. She truly is like a star, not always seen, but always there in your heart.

10. The one you were close, but you are not anymore. As always, friendships will die too. Maybe because you just grew or you didn’t had any topics to talk about anymore. You are both to blame, but if you are fine, with just knowing this friends you were once close to, it’s ok. Random talks with her are okay. You don’t need to be so close anymore, and in a way you both understand that. Time changes people and their priorities. That’s how life is. You had a good time with her, but let’s face it, you don’t feel like you lost something. It’s just ok.