The $10 Last Minute Gift That Works For Literally Everyone And Will Be At Your Door In 2 Days


I was browsing Amazon earlier this week because I hadn’t started my Christmas shopping yet and I wanted everything to arrive in a neat pile on my door at one time so I could just load the boxes into my car. I found this shower speaker that is supposed to be like $100 but they are selling them for ten bucks (and free shipping if you have Prime, holla). I ordered three, one for my sister and her husband, one for a generic women’s gift exchange I do with my stepmom’s family, and one for me.

It was on my doorstep two days later. I gave it a quick charge and it was easy to pair with my phone and the speaker is LOUD. I didn’t want to leave the shower because I was streaming My Worlds Acoustic. You can skip over tracks (presumably if you’re listening to something other than My Worlds Acoustic), and even make phone calls if you want to make calls in the shower for some (???) reason.

Now I can’t stop bragging about it:

Frankly, I’m at a loss for who doesn’t want to listen to music in the shower. I actually hope I don’t know any people like that. I’m going to buy this every time I need to buy a $10 gift.