The 10 Most Awesomely Terrible GIFs From Kanye’s New Video


In case you haven’t seen it — and it seems impossible that you haven’t, given how much of a splash this X-Rated Moving Bob Ross Painting has been making on the internet — Kanye has come out with a new video, which mostly consists of green screen and a naked Kim Kardashian. Here’s the video in its entirety in case you want to take a look:

Yeah… a lot to talk about here. But I think the better move at this juncture would just be to allow the most salient GIFs speak for thesmelves:

The majestic flight of an eagle above the mountains.

A stampede of earth’s other Most Majestic Animal, wild horses.

I get that the green screen is supposed to be the silly part, but isn’t it also his shirt, at least a little bit?

There’s that million-dollar, dead-eyed pout! Something tells me we’re going to get a lot of that pout over the next few minutes.

The pout is now on a motorcycle, behind Kanye!

Itchy head.

I, too, like to ride my Gixxer through the forest of silent trees in the early morning (or late afternoon?) hours.

The pout is being fucked on the motorcycle! We can’t see the full nipple, though, because that would be vulgar.

Christ pose, for good measure.

This was awful. Shh.