The 10 Most Underrated Netflix Movies You Need To Stream Right Now


With hundreds of movies on Netflix, why watch Tiger King when you can instead find something that doesn’t feel like wasted time? As we’re all sitting around at home, here’s a list of 10 underrated Netflix films you need to stream right now.

The Lobster

In The Lobster, the future is where single people are nearly outlawed if they don’t mind a mate. David, newly single, is transferred to a hotel where he has 45 days to find a mate through bizarre rituals. This movie definitely gives nightmares, but it will certainly make you wonder why on earth we criticize others for being single.

The Spectacular Now

Finally, a movie about two teens that isn’t overly done! This movie is the perfect movie to curl up in bed with and your vicariously young self with, all while having your heartstrings pulled.

Love, Rosie

This isn’t the best movie or plot line by far, but this is a completely underrated “I just want something easy to watch” film that you absolutely need to see. Two friends are separated when one moves to another continent. Will their friendship survive? Who knows—watch for yourself.

One Day

If the movie is British, it should already be on your list of movies for the accent alone. Two recently-graduated college students meet one night and continue their friendship throughout the next 30 or so years of their lives. This movie will literally place you through every single emotion you could have within its runtime.


Is this a fanfiction spin-off? Yes. Is it utterly cheesy and slightly unbelievable? Yes. But my god, watch it just so you can look at Hardin’s character for a few hours. Talk about dreamy.


If you missed “Roma” back when it was out there killing awards, you need to watch it now. There hasn’t been a more relevant time to escape into another world and witness life in another country.

The Fundamentals Of Caring

Ben, a retired writer, becomes the caregiver for Trevor, a paralyzed 19-year-old. During their impromptu road trip, the two will have you laughing out loud at their snarky remarks to the other all while learning valuable lessons about life.

20th Century Women

As if raising a kid isn’t hard enough, raising one alone in the ‘70s is basically unheard of. Dorothea enlists a few other women to help her raise her child in this star-packed film.

Someone Great

Heading off to a new journalistic career, Jenny spends the last few days in New York City partying with her friends and trying to get over an unexpected breakup. This movie will remind you how beautiful friendship is, even in the midst of a heart-wrenching breakup.

All The Bright Places

Another movie which tackles both the concept of love and mental illness, this film will have you crying even after it’s over. An emotional journey filled with tiny moments of intellect will have you cherishing the people you love closest to you.