The 10 Signs That Showed Me I Truly Loved You



You are the first person I think of every morning and the last one I think of every night. I can’t wait to kiss you good morning and hug you goodnight.


I smile when I get your text or call, even at four in the morning, and I respond to it promptly.


When you’re having a bad day, all I can think of is to cheer you up. There’s nothing happier than knowing that I’m the person who makes you crack a smile when you have a frown.


Or when you’re grumpy and angry over silly things, I don’t get annoyed instead I try to make you feel better. You may utter hurtful things to me in the heat of the moment, but I know you don’t mean any of it.


I’m willing to go places, even around the world, for you. Of course if Mordor was real, I’d say I would trek the span of the three LoTR movies to meet you.


When hunger is no longer a feeling, but rather a craving for whatever you crave for. Even if it’s something I didn’t like before, I like it now.


Though you urge me to go out with my friends for a night out, spending time with you doing nothing sounds way better.


You never have to brag about your achievements because I’m so proud of you and everything that you do.


I trust you wholeheartedly. I believe everything you tell me, and I don’t have doubts about your sincerity.


I’m happy when I see you. I smile when I see you laugh. I tear up when I see you cry. I hurt when you’re sad. I’m thankful to have you in my life.