The 11 Best Foods To Warm You Up During The Winter Weather


Our good friend Winter is quickly approaching, bringing along with him his trusty pals: Bitterly Cold Temperatures, Cutting Winds, and Frigid Snowy Days. We know this group of friends all too well. For many of us, winter weather makes us want to remain sedentary until spring comes. And, if you haven’t heard, this winter is going to be a doozy (especially for those of us up north). Fortunately, we live in a world with food. Food is our friend — always has been, always will be. Especially in the wintertime when the arctic climate comes knocking on our door, food is our saving grace.
That said, it’s no question that we all need to bulk up in preparation for the ice age that is ahead.
So when you’ve been out in the frosty air all day long and the chilling winter temperatures cut to your core, refer to this list of the best hot foods to quiet your icicle-laden tummy.

1. Hot chocolate.

Hot cocoa just screams nostalgia. It is and always has been a staple in Mom’s kitchen, as it is the perfect quick, hot refreshment to soothe a chilly child. Pair it with some sugar cookies and you might as well strap on your overall snowsuit to complete the memory.

2. Oatmeal.

Contrary to popular belief, oatmeal is NOT strictly grandma food. (Shout out to everyone who makes fun of me for eating “grandma mush” — look at me now. I am an oatmeal connoisseur.) My recommended recipe is one cup oats to a half cup milk, heated in the microwave for a minute and a half, then topped off with about two or three (or six) generous scoops of peanut butter. Did someone say “giant peanut butter no bake cookie fresh out the pot”?

3. Coffee.

Also known as the elixir of life, coffee is the Kim Kardashian of hot nourishments for your body. It is hot, sexy, comforting, tan, and has a really great butt(…on — on the Keurig). Not only does it raise your body temperature, but it boosts your energy as well, making the wintry day much more bearable.

4. Pizza.

And then God said, let there be pizza. Pizza over everything. Above all else, pizza. All I want for Christmas is pizza. Maybe pizza will be ours always. Hot, cheesy, melty, (preferably stuffed crust) pizza. Need I say more?

5. Mac and cheese.

As runner-up in the cheese competition (second to my one and only pizza love), mac and cheese is a bowl of happiness on a cold day. The downside is that it takes a while to make because you have to boil water, but the upside is that some macaroni comes Spongebob-shaped.

6. Soup.

Did you really think I would make a list of warm winter foods and NOT put soup on it?

7. Chili.

Chili is its own category aside from soup because I have a really exciting pun to share with you. EAT CHILI BECAUSE IT’S CHILLY OUTSIDE!!! LOL!

But seriously, jokes aside, chili is a delicious and (mildly) nutritious hot meal to warm you up on a snowy day.

8. Mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes should have their own food group on the pyramid. You can make ‘em sweet, you can make ‘em savory, you can top them off with crumbly stuff and call them a casserole, and you can even PUT THEM ON PIZZA.

9. Grilled cheese.

Coming up third in the cheese competition (cheese is vastly under-appreciated, people), grilled cheese sammies are the perfect warm meal to eat after a long wintry day. Bonus: they’re easy to make. So easy, in fact, that I’m pretty sure if I left two pieces of bread and a slice of cheese on the counter my dog could end up making a grilled cheese. If you’re feeling funky, turn it into a childhood favorite by heating up some tomato soup in which to dip your grilled cheese halves (diagonally sliced, of course).

10. Casseroles.

If someone were to ask me to define “moms” in one word, I would choose the word casserole — and for good reason. Simple, fast, and delicious, casseroles are the dish of all resourceful moms. Not only do they warm your belly, but they go the distance too: one casserole will feed upwards of ten people! Moms just always know how to make a casserole, and for that I am thankful.

11. Oreos.

Oreos are as deserving of a spot on this list as any of the others. Not to mention, vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy an Oreo, so yay for them. Warm up an Oreo in the microwave for twenty seconds and tell me it doesn’t make you feel warm and soft and fuzzy inside. I dare you.