The 11 Things I Need You To Know At 11:11


It’s April eleventh
Eleven eleven
And I don’t know how I pushed you away
It’s April eleventh
Eleven eleven
There’s eleven that things I need to say
I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry.
I will always regret the way I treated you
You were more than enough
It was more than enough
How could I not see?
I made so many mistakes
I felt your heart break
You asked for more
You were walking out the door
I should have cared more
I should have stopped you
I was dead inside
You were alive
I was scared
I was just so scared
There’s some things I cannot fix
And I’m glad that I can’t
After I hurt you
I always wanted you to be
The happy one first
I wanted that
And you are
I didn’t want you to ache
And you know that
Do you know that?
I drank too much wine
While I tried to define
Our relationship
You did everything right
And I pushed and pushed you
Nine again 
Years away
I pushed you but I promise
The way that you look at her
Is what you deserve
When I see you together
I know my faults
Were a gift for your happiness
You are so in love
I remember when
You told me that you loved her
I will always regret it
But you deserve it
I’m so glad that you’re happy
The way that you look at her
Is how I always wanted to see you
You deserve this
You both deserve this
It’s eleven eleven
And I’m glad you walked away
It’s eleven eleven
And you’re better off this way
It’s eleven eleven
And I’ll always regret that day
It’s eleven eleven
And I miss you in eleven ways