The 12 Most Outrageous Things People Got Away With At Work


Read up on these and perhaps someday you too could be on this list! Found on r/AskReddit

1. equationevasion

Left the front door to my store open overnight.

2. SylverV

Accidently emailed one of the directors, calling him a prick, thinking I’d emailed someone else. He was a prick… but he actually took that in good humor, so credit to him.

3. zerbey

I deleted 4 years worth of data from the Training Manager’s desktop upgrading it from NT to 2000. The data was unrecoverable. I got away with it because she had been told repeatedly not to store her data on the desktop. She tried to get me fired but ended up being given a write-up instead for not following company procedure. Win.

4. anonymau5

Misplaced a decimal while doing some work for one of the top 5 banks in the world. Cost the U.S. about $87 billion. The company who designed the software was faulted.

5. DarrenEdwards

I was photographing a sapphire broach and left it in my pocket. I discovered it in the dryer. The boss was looking for it and I slipped it back under some papers on his desk. He called me down immediately to shoot it again. It sold for $80k.


Pulled wrong plug. Cost a few million. My boss is the shit at protecting his people.

7. WhoSpiltTheBeer

I by accidentally sexted the manager at the Swiss Chalet I worked at thinking I was talking to my girlfriend. He didn’t have my cell number so he must’ve been really confused when he got a text from a stranger that involved removing his clothes.

8. KanpaiWashi

I was inputting stuff into our main database, bunch of important documents and adding notes to the accounts. The note was pretty much the same, so I just copied and pasted it all. I took a break and started browsing online for something and copied something. I completely forgot about that and went back to doing my work and I was about a couple accounts deep when I realized the note said, “Roll That Shit, Light That Shit, Smoke That Shit.” It’s been 2 years since and I think I’m in the clear.

9. cuntyfuckbags

Won’t say what it was, but I got out of it by forging a manager’s signature…and fooled the manager with it.

10. Jaquezee

An extremely allergic to soy customer came into my tropical smoothie. I failed to note “no soy,” on her order that was sent to the smoothie station. I hope she is alive.

11. SonOfPlinkett

Accidentally spammed all our clients and all their email contacts with a newsletter that was only suppose to go to one of our clients.

12. OctopusGoesSquish

I lost over £4,000 one day. Basically, I entered a ‘Y’ in a box that should have been ‘N’ before giving out just over a grand to a customer. Our system believed that I had therefore taken money instead of lost it, so I was 2k down. I went to a colleague to ask to fix it, but, being a fuck-up himself, he doubled the problem, and then confirmed the figures so it couldn’t be amended.

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