The 22 Things I’ve Realized At 22


1. You’re no longer treated like a child; your decisions are respected and accepted by the people around you – but only if you can logically justify them.

2. Sleeping in on a weekday beyond 10am is unacceptable; you have responsibilities and (hopefully) even a job to get to. It is however more acceptable to do so on weekends, but nothing should go beyond 12pm.

3. Hide all your choices of gaming! No one must know. Never! *Hiss* It’s bad enough to be a girl who likes to play Team fortress 2 during your free time. It sounds worse when you’re actually already 22.

4. You’re more or less set about what your opinions are on highly debated personal choices, like abortion or sex.

5. You are aware of your traits and habits, inherited or cultivated. You however are still trying to figure out to what extents do you like or dislike your traits and habits. Whatever goes — we go with the flow.

6. The biggest life decisions necessary require extensive and excessive research and planning (or what they call informed decisions). Unlike all the other times, it’s different now. At this age, you actually care about where you’re headed in life.

7. Toxic people are the hardest people to get rid of. But they also provide the greatest sense of satisfaction when you successfully remove them from your lives (guilt free!).

8. Topshop clothes are (though pretty), overrated and expensive. The cutest darn pajamas shorts and tee-shirt set I’ve seen starts at $69, and you don’t have that sort of money to spare. Trust me.

9. Life is temperamental. It’ll give you oranges one day and decide you’re allergic to vitamin C the next hour after. You’ll then probably spend the next 12 years avoiding fruits.

10. Life is also ironic, it could send you a friend zoned boy who tells you you’re beautiful over dinner- and then lets you run into your ex the next day when you’re clad in your slippers at the local super mart- unwashed hair intact.

11. Love is something which isn’t your expertise or worry. You just make it up as you go along. You don’t have to chase it or patiently wait for it, it’s just not your priority right now.

12. You will reconsider the idea of blogging or being active on social media platforms. Am I getting too old or too open with my life on the internet?

13. Your mother (who spent most of your teenage life insisting you be responsible for your own mess) will pity you after a tiring day at work. She will hang the clothes you’ve left damp in the washing machine because you’ve fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for your load to be washed.

14. You didn’t need that 21st big birthday bash. Sure it was nice to have everyone you love at the party, but at the end of the day you’d realize the party was unnecessary with little quality time with your guests, and also because you don’t feel any different from when you were 20.

15. You’re too old for hangovers and late night drunken parties of acquaintances. You’d settle in for a night with your favorite movies and snacks any day over (even) ladies night at the local club.

16. You also realize you don’t think you want to be the girl you wanted to be when you were 14. You thought she would be cool. But now? Eeyucks.

17. Public transport etiquettes are tricky. You should watch the pace of the majority. Do not slow down even if you are not in a rush. You’d hold back the poor soul who is walking behind you, half cursing you in the minds for blocking their way in the wee hours of the morning.

18. You are perpetually hungry. And you will have cravings for spicy instant noodles, no matter how old you get. Always.

19. You learn that your body will reach peak bone mass at 25-30. You then realize age 25 is only 3 years away. Hyperventilation will begin as you worry about how fast the next 3 years are going to be *heavy breathing*.

20. Time will tell you everything you need to know about your friends. The ones that are worthy of your time are the ones who have stayed with you through thick and thin and the good and bad, heartbreaks, mistakes and the loss of loved ones included.

21. You will disappoint yourself repeatedly in life. But through this you will learn how to alter your expectations and label them realistically.

22. You will realize that life is actually very much like a jigsaw puzzle. The harder you try to figure out the whole picture without making the effort of putting the pieces together one step at a time, the easier it gets to give up on it, and the longer you will take to realize your own potential.