The 3 Coolest Rappers You’ve Never Heard Of


The gentlemen I’ve listed below are extraordinarily cool human beings. I’m not raising awareness because of their artistic abilities, although I feel they all have something to offer as artists. You may not care for their music, and that’s perfectly fine. My overall objective is enlightening the world to some of the most uniquely fly individuals on the planet.


These ballers are seemingly unknown outside of their cult followings. It’s time you wake your punk asses up and appreciate their majestic greatness.


Yung Gleesh


I can’t think of anything cooler than a grown man referring to himself as “Shitbag Shawty.” Gleesh is single-handedly and wholly revolutionizing the rap game. In a genre full of copies and fakes, Shitbag is simply doing him.


The DC native has had my attention for awhile and is gradually becoming one of my favorite rappers. His music style is almost indescribable. It’s essentially street/trap music, but you can’t officially put a label on Gleeshy. His vocabulary is unmatched; I’m unable to tell whether it’s DC lingo or inherent to him. He sips “goop bottles,” which other rappers refer to as lean. What most people call weed, Gleesh calls “boof.” His flow is distinct and addictive. To top things off, he has great taste in beats and excellent producers working with him. In the interest of preventing attack on my personal taste, I’ll make the claim you’ll either love or hate Gleesh’s music.


Currently he’s the only artist I’m dying to see live. The crowd is absolutely wild in every recording of a Gleesh show out there. The man almost invariably comes onstage rocking a rolled up ski-mask and New Balances, ready to cook. He pulls out dance moves people aren’t even ready for. Straightforwardly, Gleesh is that guy.


Dhananjay the First

Dhananjay is the most legendary person you’ve probably never heard of. He made 3 appearances on Worldstar with the only 3 music videos he has released. After seeing and loving all of them, Dhananjay still remains a complete mystery to me.


I attempted to do a bit of research on the rapping/singing sensation, and was stunned to come across an interview he did with Noisey. Unfortunately, the fella who wrote the piece didn’t manage to get much background information. Here’s what I gathered from it: Dhananjay moved to the states from India at age 15. He’s in college and trying to make it in the rap industry.


The story behind Dhananjay and his motives isn’t all that exciting, but what’s truly incredible is the man himself. Before analyzing his lyrical ability we must first acknowledge his impeccably fresh style. He wears a du-rag and gold chains in all of his videos. He switches up between throwback NBA jerseys, camo and mink. In his “Say My Name” video, a remix of the Destiny’s Child original, he sits in a stool wearing nothing but a du-rag, cheetah-print underwear and a pair of white Starter kicks with the tag still on. Let’s not deny him the title of “Fresh to death.”


The three songs from Dhananjay are all his take on R&B classics. Thus far he has covered Mario’s “Let Me Love You,” Drake’s “Take A Shot For Me” and the aforementioned “Say My Name.” His lyrics are utterly great and he has the voice to match. I’m exceptionally excited to see what DJ The First has in store for fans. He desperately needs to revive the dying Worldstar with another smooth banger.



The Bay Area rapper’s online presence is growing rapidly, and the haters are piling up. In fact, 3PAC has more internet users tearing him down than supporting him. What these bitter folks fail to realize is 3PAC is trolling the hell out of them. He’s a true troll mastermind, which explains why he has generated a relentless cult fanbase similar to Lil B’s Taskforce.


3PAC gives zero hoots and encourages viewers to follow in his footsteps. In all seriousness, his unconcerned attitude and hysterical antics have had a positive impact on my life. Although he sets out to troll and entertain, he relays an important underlying message: You should be yourself and not be bothered by what others think of you. I’m not sure if this is his intention, but I’ve gained that sense from watching him carry on this charade.


Check out his Youtube channel. If you don’t take him seriously I guarantee you’ll get some laughs. His songs aren’t good, and they aren’t supposed to be. 3PAC merely aims to entertain, bring joy and piss off anybody dumb enough to give a hoot.