The 3 Main Keys To Open Your And Your Partner’s Heart


When fear is present, it tends to take hold in sometimes skewed, irrational, or anxious manifestations. Many times, it acts as a barrier between the one who is fearful and those who interact with them. It can sabotage even the most gentle and intimate of experiences if given the power to do so. When love is present, it tends to expand, nourish, and fulfill both the giver and receiver in reciprocity and walls fall away with ease. As humans, we experience a range of emotions on a daily basis and our thoughts are forever changing. When something scares us, we run away from what feels like harm and when something is pleasant and feels safe, we are inclined to take steps forward. So often, we walk the fine line of wanting to love and be loved, but the mere idea of being vulnerable and open in the presence of others—especially in romantic contexts can hold us back in fear of being rejected, dealing with the reality of loss, perhaps being seen as weak, and not wanting to take risks and suffer based upon previous relationships / experiences of having a broken heart. Whether we are afraid yet our partners are fearless or vice versa, each and every one of us responds to and interprets love in our own and unique way. As humans, we are made with the natural inclination to connect with others and share our experiences of learning and teaching as each encounter has something to reveal for the growth of all parties involved. “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love,” as expressed in the bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13, truly highlights the three keys that open the hearts of those who are willing.

1.) Faith

Faith is what gives us confidence and trust that that there is something outside of ourselves that creates natural order within in the world in which we live. This could stem from beliefs rooted in religion, the power of the universe, and/or the interactions with others. That something or someone other than ourselves exists and helps guide us along our individual life’s path. Seeing with our own eyes gives us the security to determine if something is real or imaginary. But faith is actually believing in something without actually seeing it with the visible eye, but feeling its presence. When we trust our partner, his/her confidence will continuously grow in the belief that we value and appreciate them. This in turn we allow them to trust and have confidence in us, too. Without the foundation of trust and confidence as the cornerstone of (any) relationship, it’s bound to fall apart.

2.) Hope

When we are filled with hope, it helps transcend our hearts and minds into a more positive perspective of how we approach the way we view ourselves, others, and how we are able to deal with situations and circumstances of life itself. When we wait in joyful expectancy for a favorable outcome, many times it materializes. When there is mutual attraction between two people, it’s actually a shared expression of hope. It’s the hope of creating a connection, a bond, a relationship, commitment, and perhaps marriage and raising a family, that can certainly move in a forward motion when two people are on the same page. As we place these intentions in our hearts, it’s felt on some level by the person in which it’s directed to. However, there is a difference between letting things grow naturally or having a false sense of hope that suffocates the desire through manipulation, misguided behavior, and control.

3.) Love

From the beginning of time, many have tried to define, explain, and express what “love” truly is. However, in its simplicity and pureness through various beliefs, thoughts, feelings, interpretations, actions, and words, us humans tend to complicate it. Love isn’t painful or difficult—it’s us who choose to experience it in that way—or perhaps in its nourishment and benevolence. By being patient, kind, and compassionate, we can allow ourselves and our partners the freedom of reaching the highest potential and best versions of who we are as individuals and as a couple. It is the greatest affection, gift, and comfort of all. It takes courage to receive love—but strength to give it. When we consciously choose to love ourselves and our partners and it is reciprocated, we are choosing the most important and absolute act of our life’s work; which renders us rich in spirit.