The 4 Biggest Signs That You’re Dating A Keeper


1. They make you smile and laugh

This one is obvious. Whether it is through a good morning message, the little things they do to brighten your day, or that smile they always give you (or a combination of all three, if you’re lucky), these are the moments which keep a smile on your face.

The ability to laugh with your partner is also an incredibly important aspect of any relationship. Laughter is a demonstration of the fun in your relationship; it means that you enjoy being in that relationship.

Taking time to purposefully do things that will make you laugh and smile together not only builds the happiness in your relationship but also gives the relationship endurance.

2. They confront problems rather than ignoring them

In any relationship, there will be disagreements and differences of opinion. That is perfectly normal.

I once believed that any disagreement meant that my relationship would come crumbling down around me, but over time, I learned to value the times when my partner turned to me and said, “I don’t agree with you.”

To be able to acknowledge that a difference exists and to then discuss why it exists and how to overcome it demonstrates maturity, but more importantly, allows you to understand your partner and their expectations. This then allows you to manage your expectations and to communicate more effectively with each other.

3. They don’t become your “everything”

No one person should be your “everything.” No one. Ever. Period.

A keeper will be the person who enters your life without disrupting it, who never demands that you focus and organize your life around them, and who is happy to complement you and the things you love. Your partner should not take over from other things and other people in your life; they should not ask to, and you should not expect them to.

A strong relationship is one in which each partner recognises that there are aspects of the other’s life that don’t concern them. You should take an interest in these things, and it’s okay to occasionally participate. But to be in a relationship in which you need to do everything together at all times and neither person has their own space can be dangerous. Even if you do have the same interests and the same friends, having your own space is vital to avoid becoming dependent on each other, and this also allows you to better appreciate the time that you do share together.

4. They make you realize that you deserve love

To find someone who makes you not only acknowledge but truly feel that you deserve love is an incredibly precious thing. To know that you deserve to be loved is essential to negotiating healthy relationships. And it is not only about having a partner who doesn’t put you down; it’s about feeling certain and secure in yourself and in your relationship.

In so many aspects of life, we need to be able to say to ourselves, “Yeah, I am important,” and “Yes, my feelings count.” A partner who reinforces this and insists that you recognize these things in yourself is definitely a partner worth keeping.