The 4 Stages Of Love And Loss In Poems


Let’s be together today and sit under the sky
Let’s laugh at the world as it passes us by
Let’s get caught in the moment, in hopes it won’t end
Let’s smile into the sunset and watch the colors blend

Let’s be together tonight and sit under the sky
Let’s count the shooting stars as they pass us by
Let’s fall asleep entwined with your head on my chest
Let’s be here with each other and forget all the rest

I hate that you can
You’ve got a new plan and I’m not involved
I guess everything we ever build will always fall
And it’ll always be my fault
I tried to explain – you didn’t answer my calls or texts so now I look for more sex in worse places
I smoke to put my mind into stasis
I need to erase us
I need to wash my sheets of your traces until your memory is faceless
Don’t be concerned
I’ve learned from all the blisters
Because I burned all the pictures and all letters and swallowed these blue and yellow memory-forgetters
You’re gone
Dead to me
I forgot everything you’ve ever said to me
We were never meant to be.

The love was lost but the loss remains
Close to the heart and adjacent veins
It tore me apart so take the reins
Because nothing feels the same
It’s such a strain to smile and take the pain
I’ll burst into flames
And while I leave this world that’s so plain and pass on to another
I’ll marvel at the fire and memories of color
I used to feel so safe with simplistic visions
Now my mind’s trapped in a prison of kaleidoscopes and prisms.

I’m at peace under the sheets
Where I don’t count sheep to fall asleep I count your heartbeats
In hopes that mine will match the rhythm of yours
Because there was a time I made this decision before
What feels so real slips through trap doors
And the spectators applaud what the magician ignores

But that was the past
I need to try
Let’s be together here
Under the sky

Her emerald eyes
Avocado skin and kiwi lips
Hit my mind in staccato every time she flips
Her hazel hair backwards
I lack words
Her smile and laughter both cast her
Soul around mine before she molds it in plaster

Call it in the air and get it lost in the glare
And when the silver drops, I wont be there
She’ll be confused
And I’ll feel bad
Too scared we’d lose the little bit we had.