The 4 Types Of ‘Going Out,’ As Explained By Miley Cyrus Songs


1. Party in the USA


Ah, the “all-American”, let’s get some Bud Lights and have a good time kind of night.  When this song inspires you to drink, it typically goes along with a generally laid back, pleasant attitude. No need for heels or lines to get into clubs, you’re all about chugging a beer in your backyard while your best friends set up the beer pong table.  Perhaps a few shots of Jameson to kick up the night, but you won’t find any drama on a night like this. Granted, Miley was not of legal drinking age when she recorded this song, but I’m sure this is what she would have wanted (or at least Billy Ray).

2. We Can’t Stop


Miley’s infamous “I definitely like to party and here’s the proof” hit kicks your laid back mentality into a slightly more aggressive gear.  You’re down to hit the town, and it’s likely that just beer will not suffice. Strong mixed drinks will start off the night, followed by some “casual” shots.  This gets your buzz going and perhaps your fingers slip to the contact of your friend with the adult party supplies.  Leaving the house isn’t a must, but you also want to show everyone else out there that you can stay out past 4, and you can’t stop (and you won’t stop).

3. Can’t Be Tamed


Everyone else out tonight beware, you are most certainly ready to break out of that proverbial cage and you’re not afraid who sees it.  Screw starting with mixed drinks, your pregame for this night is shots on shots on shots, and most likely a lot of redbull. Heels are a must, as well as the dress that says “Hi, I don’t want to wake up in my own bed tomorrow”.  You are certainly ready to hit da club and god help anyone who is in your way.  Extra points for hooking up with multiple people in the same night, minus points for getting kicked out of the bar.  Nothing says I actually can be tamed like a bouncer kindly escorting you out the nearest exit.

4. Wrecking Ball


For the sake of every other person out to drink to have a good time, please stay in your own home.  When “Wrecking Ball” inspires your alcohol-fueled evening, it is best to keep it to yourself.  The beginning notes of this masterpiece get your tears flowing by 9pm, and no one likes a drunk crier. We all know that you can relate to this song, and that you never meant to start a war, but how about you just let sleep in instead and call it a night?