The 5 Best Things About Being An Introvert


Introverts are often told they need to be more outgoing, more extroverted. Many people believe introverts are antisocial, unemotional, rude, and quiet. Introversion is considered to be, as Susan Cain says, a “second-class personality trait.” However, there are many upsides to being an introvert.

1. We are perfectly happy being alone in a big city.

While some people find big cities daunting, we’re perfectly happy to walk around by ourselves. We’ll happily sit at the park and enjoy the sunshine or explore a part of the city we haven’t been to before without the need to have someone beside us the entire time. Introverts are independent.

2. Our friends are amazing.

Introverts are usually much happier having a small circle of close friends than a large circle of acquaintances. As such, we pick our friends carefully. Our friends understand our introversion and will join us for a movie night instead of insisting we go clubbing.

3. We don’t constantly need other people around us to feel content.

Many extroverts often struggle when they don’t have anyone to talk to; they struggle with being alone. Introverts, however, know how to deal with these situations. We could spend hours reading a book, getting lost in our thoughts, or listening to music without saying a word.

4. We’re smart.

Instead of talking constantly, we’re thinking and taking in information. We like to read and learn. At school, you’ll find some introverts in the library instead of the playground. Introverts are particularly good at intellectual tasks that require concentration (mathematics, writing, art).

5. We’re good friends.

Introverted friends don’t demand a lot of time and energy. Our extroverted friends love us because we’ll listen to their problems, praise them, and give them the attention they need without demanding much of them.