The 5 Most Annoying Things Girls Do At The Gym


1. No sweat, no gain.

What the actual crap? I mean, sweating is a big part of working out, I totally get that, but just because you’re not sweating does not mean that it is not working. Last week when I went to the gym, a woman asked the instructor to turn off the air conditioner — dude, it was freaking hot in that room! Another woman replied “Yes, turn it off, I mean what is the point of working out with the air conditioning on?” Hmm, no offense, but IT IS THE SAME, you don’t get exhausted so easily, that is the only difference.

2. Instagram.

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Seriously, your #abs are not going to show with every like you get on Instagram, sorry to disappoint you. Stop Instagramming and start running.

3. Complaining about how fat they are.

Girl, that’s why you’re hitting the gym, stop talking about it and start doing your squats. (But really, chances are you’re not fat. Stop looking for positive reinforcement that you’re like, so totally not from your friends.)

4. Making out at they gym.

Seriously? Just don’t. I know that the pictures that you see on weheartit of couples making out at the gym are totally cute but, when you’re looking at that in public is reeeeeeeeeally awkward. Please don’t do it.

5. Trying to look good.

You can’t go out of the gym looking fresh and with a full face of makeup. I mean, that is okay ONLY if you are Victoria’s Secret model being styled on a shoot. Are you? Exactly, be proud of looking bad, because looking bad at the gym means looking totally amazing in the beach.

Going to the gym is not always fun and almost all of us would probably rather stay at home watching Netflix and eating McDonald’s instead of suffering, but sadly, that won’t give us what we want to achieve. Go to the gym and enjoy it as much as you want, then when you get back home you’ll have plenty of time to procrastinate. But hey! At least you already did something productive.

featured image – Ella Ceron / Instagram