The 5 Most Common Complaints Men Have About Their Girlfriends


If you’re a young lady that is in her 20’s then I’m sure you have heard a few of your guy friends discuss girls. Many women (including myself) get frustrated with the complaints that men have about women. The ultimate truth is: Men are oblivious when it comes to dating bitches, hence my decision to write this article. So below you’ll find a list of five particularly irksome complaints by boyfriends about their girlfriends that I hear on a daily basis:

1. She gets mad about everything.

Yes I know, we women are emotional, but not all of us get angry over the smallest things. I have had guys tell me that some of their girlfriends get mad if they hang out with their friends for one night. ONE NIGHT. Many women expect their boyfriend to be superman, and when they don’t get what they want, they automatically write him off as a loser. Check the warning signs and see what makes her angry on a daily basis. Chances are if she gets worked up about every little thing, she will tear you apart too.

2. She can’t just be relaxed and hang out.

Most women (not all) are not interested in sports. Personally I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t care about sports at all, but I don’t mind having a beer and watching a game with you. It may feel like you aren’t getting the attention you deserve when your man is watching the big game. Studies show that men actually like a neurotic woman, but they complain about it on a daily basis. I never see guys that have down-to-earth girlfriends, they usually date high maintenance, conceited, and spoiled women. They date these women mostly because of their looks; sorry it’s the way of the world. So if you’re going to complain that your girl can’t hang, maybe it’s time you tried something new.

3. She’s never in the mood to have sex.

I don’t have to elaborate on this one. Some women have a high sex drive and some women don’t. Some are willing to try new things and some aren’t. You just have to choose the women that are most comfortable with their sex life.

4. She takes too long to get ready.

It takes us girls a long time to make ourselves look pretty for you. We have to put our makeup on and style our hair. We have to make sure every strand of hair is in place. You should be thankful she is trying to make herself look appealing for you. Some people would rather let themselves go when in the comfort of a relationship.

5. She gossips way too much.

That’s a red flag. Women and men like to gossip. But the girls who spend all of their time putting down other girls are insecure; there is no question about that. These girls are more likely to be untrustworthy of their boyfriend; talking about other women suggests she’s probably unhappy with herself and so goes out searching for mens’ approval — whatever a man gives her will never be enough. In the same vein, women who don’t hang out with other women are usually red-flag material. They like to claim that it’s less drama, but in actuality it’s usually because of deep-seated insecurities within themselves.