The 5 Most Important Lessons We Learn When We’re Single


Being single can be a wonderful thing. Sure, at first it can seem scary and lonely, but once the initial sting wears off, you realize how incredible it can be. It’s during this time that we can learn some of the most valuable lessons.

1. Enjoy your own company.

Being single means that we have a lot more time to ourselves, and that is not a bad thing. It provides us time to discover the things we love, without the pressure of someone else nagging us.

2. Make yourself a priority.

It’s easy to forget about ourselves when we are in a relationship. We tend to put our significant other first, forgetting that we have needs, too. When you become single again, you learn that making yourself a priority isn’t selfish or self-absorbed; it’s self-preservation.

3. You are stronger than you think.

Yes, you can kill that spider by yourself. Yes, you will overcome anything. The truth is, you don’t need a significant other. You learn that once you’ve had time to yourself.

4. Friendship is important.

When we get in a relationship, we occasionally lose sight of the friends we had before we met our significant other. When you’re single again, you realize just how valuable your friends are, and the next time you enter a relationship, you know you won’t make the same mistake.

5. Don’t compromise yourself.

When you’re single, you spend a lot of time cultivating yourself; the hobbies you love, the career you’re passionate about, and the personality traits that make you unique. You love yourself, and the next time you enter a relationship, you realize that if someone is going to love you, they have to love all of you; quirks, hobbies, career and all. True love means we don’t have to change.