The 5 Most Ridiculous Comments I’ve Heard Since I Became A Hooters Girl


1. Is that your stage name?

This one really knocked me on my ass. I’ve heard a lot of lame lines and dumb innuendos, but never something so ridiculous and asked in such an unashamed manner. Just because my name is not something standard like “Ashley” or “Brittany” does not mean it’s something I generated to sound sexy for your to enjoy while you pretend you don’t feel that wing sauce getting crusty on your cheek. I’m a waitress in a restaurant – not a dancer/stripper on a stage.

2. So do you like, get asked out ALL the time?

This is probably the most common question I get from friends and strangers, but to me it’s still so absurd. Since starting as a Hooters Girl almost a year ago I’ve been asked out only one time and it was by another employee, not a guest. Guests are flirty, sure, but they pretty much know better than to come to Hooters looking for a date and I’m thankful for that. We’re there to work not to pick up guys.

3. Do all the girls have fake boobs?

This question is usually accompanied by a glance downward at my chest and a slightly confused look. I’m a C-cup at the very most on a good day and B when I’m not at work so that should give you some clue that not every girl who works at Hooters is stacked with double Ds. Some of the girls have had breast implants but the majority do not. And for the mother of god no Hooters does not pay for employees to get boob jobs. I can’t even begin to discuss the ridiculousness of that one.

4. What are you an aspiring model or something?

I’m so glad I got this one outside of work so I could respond with a sassy, “No bud, I’m an aspiring person-who-can-pay-her-bills.” I’m not sure how working at Hooters would in any way prepare someone for a career in modeling. Last time I checked I spend my shift running around the floor making sure all my tables get their fried pickles while the grease is still hot and their beers before the foam settles. And if I find I have a free moment I’m making sure my section is stocked and clean not practicing posing or working my angles.

5. Don’t you worry about creeps?

Even though I still find it silly, I love answering this one. No, I do not worry about “creeps” because if any guest gives the tiniest indication of doing or saying something inappropriate one of my fellow “Hooties” can be trusted to step in and shut that shit down. We’re a family at Hooters and we take care of one another. The girls I work with are some of the sweetest, toughest ladies I’ve ever met and they always have each other’s backs whether it’s picking up a table for an overwhelmed co-worker or letting a guest know that if he speaks to one of our girls in an unsavory way ever again he will be asked to leave and never come back. And it’s not just the girls that are tight-knit; I can go to my managers any time I feel slightly uncomfortable without worrying that it will come back to me in a negative way. I don’t think that most waiters and waitresses have that type of open communication with their bosses and it’s one thing I love about being a Hooters Girl. At the end of the day I love this job and laughing off the ridiculous comments is all part of the description.