the 5 stages of iggy azalea rage



when you hear ‘fancy’ for the first time you think the song is just ok. everyone raved about how it was the song of the summer and how it was so catchy but you feel none of those things upon first listen. you just feel like it’s a song that’s neither good nor bad


so you have no real iggy azalea opinion but everyone around you does. they say things like “iggy azalea isn’t real hip hop” and “why does she rap in that horrible blaccent” and “iggy is just not authentic like a rapper should be.” after hearing all these things from friends, coworkers, and people you follow on twitter, you become irritated anytime ‘fancy’ comes on the radio

comments section outrage

you tried to stop yourself from being one of ‘those people’ but all this talk of iggy azalea’s inauthenticity has finally gotten to you and you make a slick comment about her on the internet. when someone responds to you and says ‘fancy’ is an undeniable smash, you reply with “smh you don’t know real hip hop” and post a link to any song by tupac or a tribe called quest


you feel bad for contributing to the vitriol that iggy azalea is receiving and begin seeing things from her perspective. you vow to not partake in the iggy witch hunt any longer and start listening to ‘fancy’ again without critical judgement. “this song is really not that bad” you say to yourself

uncontrollable fury

you find out that nas, who is one of the most authentic hip hop artists of all time in your eyes, has never won a grammy. after you digest this horrible information, ‘fancy’ begins playing somewhere in your vicinity. the combination of learning this news as well as hearing ‘fancy’ makes you so angry that you spontaneously combust