The 5 Types Of Assholes Everyone Dates Before They Can Find True Love


Everyone comes across fuck-boy or two before finding “The One”. Ya’know kiss a few toads to get a prince? No? Okay.

I personally believe we date all these assholes for a reason though, I believe it’s so they can teach us who we do and don’t want to be with. What we do and don’t expect out of a relationship. And who we are and aren’t as an individual.

1. The guy who thinks he is too young for a relationship

(even though he is in his mid-late twenties)

He feels like he needs to be young and free at all times. He believes he looks way better than he actually does, and he himself is the fountain of youth. Whatever this reason, it’s totally possible this guy will stay single forever and you can feel free to remind him of that fact.

2. The Guy You Should’ve Just stayed Friends With

He already knows everything about you, so you figure why not? You can skip the awkwardness and just get to the fun stuff. But it turns out it’s not that great, or it’s amazing but it’s weird, you actually start wishing you left that shit the fuck alone. Now you just want your friend back.

3. Your TOTAL opposite

A man with opposing views when it comes to damn near everything you believe in can really open your mind up. He will be a great lesson in accepting people for who they are, learning to be ok with everyone not agreeing with you, and agreeing to tolerate someone’s scary political and social views in the name of his pretty white smile and killer bod.

4. The Bad Boy 

Dating a bad boy doesn’t mean you should end up behind bars because you participated in his activities’. Even if it is just once, try dating someone who is the EXACT opposite of who you would want your daughter/future daughter to date. Fuck it. YOLO.

5. Your Twin Flame

He is basically you with a penis and beard. You never have to argue over TV time because you both love cartoons, sketchy/risky shows on comedy central and occasionally Love and Hip Hop – go figure. After a while, though you might notice it’s a little too easy to get stuck in a rut, you painfully realize you two are so much the same you cannot help each other reach the next level.