The 5 Types Of People Who Will Hurt You Before You Find The Love Of Your Life


1. The one who never texts you back. Ever.

These type of people are generally either really career oriented people and just don’t have the time to text you. They could be on their phone 24/4, scrolling through social media, but they would never give you the time of the day for a simple text. You would rarely hear from them so don’t expect; it would probably hurt less if you fall for a rock.

2. The one who just isn’t ready for a relationship or has to “fix himself/herself.”

Their excuse might probably not be an excuse; they could be at a point in their life that is just so focused on traveling or working that they don’t have time for you. Or they could have been so devastated in a breakup with their ex that they couldn’t move on. Whether they’re telling the truth or not, the fact is, they still aren’t ready. And another fact is, they’re the wrong person for you because when are we ever ready for love? When is it the right timing? Never. You just gotta risk it or else you lose something possibly amazing.

3. The one who pretends to want you but leaves you hanging.

Maybe they have this hidden fear of being alone or maybe they’re one of those people who rely on relationships to be happy. Whatever it is, it’s definitely a temporary attachment, honey. Whether it’s sex, or nightly chats or going for a drink then ending up at his place, it’s definitely not love. Because if it was, he would want to talk to you the entire day, and not just when it’s night time and he has urges.

4. The one who makes you do all the effort.

We’ve all been here. We’ve all been stupid for someone who we should have just left from the very start. These are the type of people who make you text them constantly, wondering if their phone broke because they reply 11 hours later. These are the type of people who are manipulative enough to make you chase after them. These are the type of people who only admit their feelings for you when they’re drunk or lonely. These are the people who you should absolutely walk away from the very start before you get your dignity and self-esteem absolutely destroyed because these people don’t have the word ‘effort’ in their vocabulary.

5. The ultimate fuckboy.

Last but not the least, we got the type of people that girls just love to fall for, even if it means putting your heart on the line. Girls tend to think they can change the fuckboy in him and turn him into the ultimate gentleman. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. Men will change if they want to, for the women they love. End of story. If they don’t, you already know where you stand. Stop playing with his mind games because these are the type of people that will possibly make you lose faith in real love.

After you go through one or all of these, that’s when you meet him. The love of your life. Your soulmate. Your best friend. He would have eyes that are just so inviting, that makes you want to melt into his arms and tell him every dark secret of your past. He will love you like nobody has ever loved you before- he will always want to hold your hand, to pinch your cheeks, to hold you in his arms, anything as long as he gets to touch you. He will take you home and on the night you finally get the courage to give him consent to your body, it won’t be just sex to him. He took you home to show you just how much you drive him insane. It won’t be like your past relationships, no. The morning after, he will cook you breakfast and he will tell you how adorable you look during mornings. And it won’t be a one-time thing because this is how he will continue to love you. Through consistency, effort, communication, and so much love than you’ve ever been given back. You stand on your guard, with fear, because you think he’s going to break your heart like the others. You absolutely don’t know how to respond to a love like this. Don’t, don’t push him away. This is exactly how it feels like. This is what real love is supposed to feel like. You’ve been through the worst and now, you’ve met the one who’s going to fill your life with so much love. He’s the one that’s going to make you say, “This. This is what it was supposed to feel like all along.