The 5 Types Of People You Should Date At Least Once In Your Life


Sometimes it is not simply about the emotions. It is also about who we show the emotions to. There is a yearning in every human to love and be loved. But for the right reasons… please do love.

Yes you want to date a banker, a photographer, a lawyer. But there are some people you just need to date at least once in your life!

Here are five types of people you should date at least once in your life.

The guy or the lady with the tattoo

Yes you may feel taking such person home would not speak well, but that person who wears the tattoo is not scared of pain. They have been through a lot and won’t protect their bodies from expressing what lies within. Date the lady or the guy with a tattoo because they show authenticity. They show strength and courage. They have nothing to hide and would be there for you when you are down because they have been there.

The entrepreneur

The entrepreneur has so many ideas that he wants to express and see to the fruition in a lifetime. They are productive and know that there is little time to waste. They would show loyalty to you if you can show the same to them. The entrepreneur is hardworking, smart and proactive. They want to give so much to the world around them. And perhaps this is why you should date them because they are rare and you don’t find their type often.

The photographer

He/she may not have the money to buy you a four course meal in Michelin starred restaurant. But they can show you the beauty of the world around you without saying a word.  They are artistic and expressive. They want to say a lot to you, about how much they love you and want to be there for you. They want you to be happy and appreciate the simple and immaculate things the world has to offer. So don’t be materialistic when you are dating a photographer. Rather you should be willing to open the gentle and warm side of you that would be enthralled by panoramic beauties.

The blogger

Yes it may not have been big business to be a blogger or vlogger several years ago, but it is now. Being a blogger could really mean big bucks. For those dating such type of people, understand that some awkwardness could be involved. Some of these I highlighted in my previous post. However according to Neil Patel and superstar blogger it all starts from wanting to express a voice and an idea. It all starts from showing some uniqueness. When you date a blogger you open your eyes to a whole new experience. You secure a relationship with someone who is expressive and open. Bloggers are a rare gem. And this I say not because I am one but because in such relationships will you discover a whole new kind of uniqueness.

The traveler

You may wonder what the Traveler is doing on this list. However it is imperative to know that this post permeates professions but also ideologies and habits. The Traveler is a risk-taker, an adventurer, someone who wants to see the way his/her world is shaped and wants to experience fun. The traveler doesn’t hold his / herself back or focus on limitations. Rather they are in search for possibilities and excitement. If you want someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about they do, then date the traveler. Date the one who is happy to connect with his environment. Because you may have been living in a closed world before but you can become a genuine citizen of the world.