The 6 90s TV Show Reunions That Need To Happen


In case you’re one of the people who doesn’t sign into social media within an hour of awaking, the Saved by the Bell crew had a reunion on Jimmy Fallon last night and it was nothing short of amazing. In the 8-minute Bayside High skit, they managed to hit on all the high notes — no hope with dope, Zack Attack, and Jessie’s Caffeine Pill Freakout. Yet still, the 90s version of myself wanted more. I’m talking a 2-hour made-for-TV movie, complete with a summer spent at Malibu Sands, a Kelly Kapowski and Stacey Carosi throw down, acid wash denim, and neon bro tanks galore.
Of course, if the Saved by the Bell gang isn’t willing to make it happen, there are some other TV reunions that I’d welcome with open arms. For instance…

1. Full House.

Cue the sappy music playing in the final moments of each episode, signaling there’s a lesson to be learned. I still tune into the Tanner family on Nick at Nite. Just imagine all the story lines they could produce between D.J.’s eclectic boyfriends, Steve, Viper, and Nelson. Is Danny still co-hosting Wake Up San Francisco with Becky or has he moved onto telling crude jokes at the Smash Club?

2. Boy Meets World.

And no, the Girl Meets World spinoff doesn’t count. I’m sure Shawn’s been married at least 3 times by now. He had some major commitment issues. Another thing I wonder: what ever happened to Eric? I could never get a good handle on whether they were prepping him to live at home into his 30s or to become the next Al Roker.

3. Family Matters.

Is Steve still using his transformation chamber? If so, please tell me that he has a patent and bought a new car with the money he made. I can only imagine how stressed out Carl is after spending another decade with Urkel next door. I’m guessing he’s got the CVS pharmacy on speed dial.

4. Home Improvement.

Tim Taylor was the ultimate Detroit Lions fan. I almost find myself rooting for them on his behalf. Not only did I love watching this family, I’m pretty sure I wanted to infiltrate it by way of marriage. I’d obviously choose Randy, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think Brad was a pretty hot contender too. And praise Jill for putting up with all those grunting men.

5. Step by Step.

Aka the modern day Brady Bunch. Al Lambert made being a tomboy so cool. If my memory serves me right, this was also the show that taught me how to swish my chocolate milk without needing a glass or spoon — resourceful. I’d love to see their chaotic family reunions at the theme park from the opening credits. I bet Dana hates whoever J.T.’s girlfriend is.

6. Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Or any other show with Melissa Joan Hart since she was pretty much the face of the 90s. Sabrina made witchcraft seem like an everyday adolescent thing…ugh I have a zit, no one has asked me to the dance, algebra is so hard, I’m a witch…Without a doubt, it was her ability to change outfits by simply pointing her index finger at her body that I found myself most jealous of. Also, she had a talking cat which was pretty cool. I bet she’s got some crazy antics up her sleeve at office holiday parties.

Basically I’m asking for the return of TGIF, so that I may have an even better excuse to stay in on Friday nights with a box of pizza on my lap.