The 6 Possible Ways Your Date Will React To You Being A Vegetarian


Even if you’re not a shove my beliefs down your throat type of vegetarian, when you’re dating someone, it will eventually come up. Whether it’s that time you decide to split a pizza or you just get sick of nodding when your date goes on about how good the chicken looks. Sooner or later you have to have to have the “I’m a vegetarian” conversation. In my experience, your date will react in one of 6 ways.

1. The thoughtful response

This is the one that immediately pulls out a phone and tries to look up restaurants to accommodate you. This person doesn’t make you feel like an inconvenience but makes it a mission to find a place that satisfies you both.

2. The inappropriate response

This usually only happens if you’re dating a guy but I’m sure girls have gone here too. This is the person that makes a “joke” questioning if you can still eat his meat. Although he’s playing it off as a joke, this is secretly a legitimate concern of his.

3. The jerk response

This person will not be shy about telling you how you should be eating meat. They usually will also make a comment about how they will eat enough meat for the both of you. According to them, you need meat to be healthy and they can’t even imagine how you can live without it.

4. The 21 questions response

This is the person who will go off on an hour long tangent asking you all types of questions about your choice to be a vegetarian. Animal rights? Health? The environment? and my gosh how do you get your protein?!

5. The overwhelmed response

This person has clearly never dealt with a vegetarian before. They will act frazzled and stressed and start asking if you things like: so can you eat bread?

6. The unfazed response

This person realizes that how you chose to eat has nothing to do with the person that you are. Not only do they not try to change you but they also don’t question all of your morals and beliefs over dinner.