The 6 Psychopaths Of Grindr


The Psychopath Without A Face Pic Who DEMANDS To See Your Pics At Once

It’s one thing to not have a profile pic but to send it as soon as you message someone, and then there’s this psychopath who has no face but demands your pics RIGHT NOW.


So you’re just like lol what do you even look like? And that’s the scary part. The pic-less picture demanding psychopath is usually one of four things: closeted, cheating on his GF or discreet; a picture collector, meaning he just writes guys asking for pics so he can pretend to be those people; or he’s really unattractive or extremely fucking good looking. Who knows!

The Psychopath Dick Pic Monster Who Sends You 22 Dick Pics In A Row, All From Different Angles

Dicks are amazing and fun and all of that but do you really need twenty two different pictures of your dick on your phone? Just get a Tumblr for your dick. That would be kind of cool actually if some guy sent me the Tumblr link to his dick.

The Postmodern Conversationalist Psychopath Who Says “Hi” And You’re Like “Hi” Back And Then He Never Responds Or Just Keeps Saying “Hi”

Like…what’s up and all, but why waste time saying “hi” or asking how I am if you’re not bothered to keep the conversation going? Girl, RUDE.

The Psychopath Whose Profile Specifies He Will Not Talk To You Under Any Circumstances If You Are Not A Straight, Hot, MASCULINE White Guy

Wondering how many friends this psychopath has IRL. Wondering if he avoids all people who don’t fit this description. Wondering how he goes through life avoiding people who are not white or masculine. Wondering what would happen if this person got into a position of power. Just generally wondering why.

The Can’t Take A Hint Psychopath Who Keeps Messaging You But Who You Can’t Block Because You Don’t Have Any More Blocks Left

You would definitely block him but then one of the other psychopaths you’ve blocked will see you, oh god.

The Psychopath Who Doesn’t Understand That OnLY tHe FIr$t LeTtEr i$ cApItALizED

Not to be a grammar $luT, it just takes so much work to type/read!