The 6 Types Of Men You Meet Abroad


If you’re a single lady on vacation, chances are you’ll meet some men. It can be really fun and lovely! However, it might not always be the experience you were expecting. Here are the 6 types of men you might meet abroad:

1. The Stage 5 Clinger

At first, it’s all harmless. A cute guy approaches you while you’re Instagramming your feet on the beach. Things are going well – but maybe after an hour of hanging out, as he’s staring into your eyes, getting very close to your face, and giving you the creeps – you realize that you definitely want some space. You’re looking forward to heading back to your hotel to chill – alone. Think again. This guy knows not to let a tourist babe out of his sight – you’re a hot commodity! Once he thinks he has you in his grasps, he’ll be following you everywhere you go, and find any excuse to accompany you, even on your errands. Your best bet? Trick him into letting you out of his sight. If he has your number, get ready for days of persistent texts. Stage 5 Clingers often don’t understand the concept of respecting someone’s space, and get irrationally angry that you aren’t spending enough time with them. Texts like “Why aren’t you replying to my texts? I truly really really like you, and want to be with you this whole week you’re here, but you’re making it so hard!” will ensue. Having to deal with a Stage 5 Clinger could be a new experience for you though, if back home men don’t seem to really “cling” all that much. Traveling is all about new experiences, so hey – at least you have a new story to tell.

2. The Suspicious Smooth-Talker

This guy says all the right things! Oh, he’s never met a girl amazing like you, ever? He totally can see himself falling in love with you, and he wants to date and do the long distance thing? He’s planning his trip to your city next month because he just can’t believe how much he likes you. But wait. Hold on. Back up. This guy just met you 2 hours ago. Either he skipped his meds this morning, or he’s actually crazy enough to think that this is the type of garbage you say to a tourist to get her in bed. A word to the wise, fellas. That is a great way to creep a tourist out – not get her in bed! Tourists, please don’t fall for the suspicious smooth-talker! And Smooth-talkers – you’re simply making yourselves sound like creeps, you barely know this girl, so the odds she’ll believe you’re crazy in love are slim to none. If you really do feel that way about her – you might want to wait awhile before verbalizing those feelings.

3. The Tricky Tourist Trapper

This local guy knows all the tricks when it comes to a cute tourist. He will be good-looking and charming, and promise to take you to an amazing waterfall – he might even show you a photo of it on his iPhone. Ladies, please don’t fall for this trap. Agree to meet up with him and you’ll quickly find out that this “waterfall” doesn’t really exist. Unless his bed is called the waterfall. Next thing you know, he’ll mention that he’s driving you there but just needs to stop by his place first, if that’s OK. No – it’s not OK – and the best idea is to spot these tricksters very early on as to not waste your precious vacation time.

4. The Sexy and Sane Resident

Finally! This guy isn’t creepy, or clingy. He respects your space. He’s not saying weird things or trying to trick you with false promises of touring you to wondrous waterfalls. He just wants to take you for a mojito at a nice bar overlooking the ocean. Get to know you. He’s NORMAL thankfully and the two of you end up really hitting it off, and keeping in touch! Not only was he sane and sexy, and showed you a great time, but now you have a new friend who lives abroad! Having connections in different parts of the world is never a bad thing.

5. The Obsessed Romeo

If a guy you just met on vacation seems crazily obsessed with you, he could just be attempting to pull off the “Suspicious Smooth-Talker” – but if it’s ongoing, for days, maybe he really is that into you – or perhaps there is a serious shortage of women on his island, causing him to act like a “Stage 5 Clinger” with you. Either way, watch out for these types. Obsession is creepy. A “Sexy and Sane Local” being into you is awesome – but a profession of love from a strange guy who you just met? Not so into that. Chances are, gentlemen, that if you pour your heart out to a tourist whom you barely know, and act obsessed, you’ll achieve the exact opposite of what you desire. Get to know someone better before saying or doing the Romeo stuff.  Normalcy is attractive.

6. The Game-Changing Meet Cute

A “Meet Cute” is a scenario in which two individuals are brought together by fate in some adorable, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way. If you meet a guy like this on vacation, chances are there will be a strange, inexplicable connection and amazing chemistry between the two of you. You feel like no men back home even come close to comparing to this guy. And he feels the exact same way about you! This is the rare time where you meet a guy who you end up spending the majority of your vacation with, and you’re considering moving for him. You can’t explain love – these things happen!