The 6 Types Of Men You’ll Date, As Told By Gilmore Girls


My mother and I like to use the men in Gilmore Girls as a gauge for our love interests. She’s a single mom, I wore a uniform to school and we lived in New England – so it all seemed to fit pretty well. It’s a longstanding measurement system that started as a joke and stuck out of convenience. Sure, it’s a little ridiculous, but who you choose once you’ve dated a Jess and a Dean says a lot about you. Here are the 6 types of men you’ll date, as told by Gilmore Girls:

1. The Luke

He’s scruffy, rough around the edges with an affinity for plaid. If you want a Luke, you want a love story. You want to be pursued – for 9 years, preferably. You want someone who can argue with you and doesn’t worry that you’re too delicate. He’ll call you on your bullshit, but at least he’ll still cook you breakfast the next morning.

2. The Logan

Rich. Hey, there’s no shame in admitting that you like a rich kid. He’s charming, especially in that he can whisk you to Paris overnight. You want someone clean-cut, that’s good to bring home to the grandparents. He’s a big picture type who won’t get caught up on the little things because to him they’re so easily fixed. If you want a guy who doesn’t worry as much as you do, and knows how to buy amazing gifts, you need a Logan.

3. The Dean

If you want a Dean, you want the doting boyfriend who’ll change your water cooler. He is the textbook definition of a guy who looks at you with puppy dog eyes. He’s handy and strong – the kind of guy who’s nice to have around to reach the things you can’t. If you want a trustworthy, reliable guy, you’ll find a Dean.

(For the sake of romanticism, we’re ignoring the fact that Dean married someone else and then had an affair. Go with it.)

4. The Jess

He’s intellectual, deeper than he looks, but a thrill to look at. He loves what you love, but also loves having his way. When you seek risk, he’s the guy you’ll find. If you have a Jess, the best you can hope for is that he’ll follow his dreams, write a book and still come back to love you.

5. The Max

Finding a Max means finding a guy who wants to marry you after the third date. He is consistent and has insurance, which is totally a plus. He’s stable, which is disconcerting for some of us. If you want someone who’s already taken care of a building a life and now wants to take care of you, you want a Max.

6. The Christopher

He’s constantly elusive. You’ve loved him before and he keeps showing up – whether you want him to or not. He’s the guy you fell in love with in high school. If you’ve ever been left hoping that someone would get his act together for you, you’ve had a Christopher.