The 6 Worst Sisters In Every Sorority House


Rushing a sorority can often be the best decision you’ll ever make. Sure, it’s not for some people. But if it’s for you and you find the sorority you click with perfectly, it’s an amazing, irreplaceable experience. From the tight knit bonds that are created to the fabulously fun themed parties to the amazing feeling of community service and giving back, sorority life has a lot to offer.

But here’s the catch. No matter what sorority in, no matter what school you go to, there will always be the girls who slip through the cracks during recruitment. And when you have a sorority of 100 girls, there are bound to be disagreements and cat fights and more than your fair share of frenemies.

1. The Try-Hard Sister

This girl is involved in everything. She LOVES LOVES LOVES your sorority SOOO much and OMG everything is just so magical for her when it comes to your sorority. She owns as much sorority paraphernalia as is possible. She runs for every position possible and signs up for EVERY SINGLE Greek life event she could ever be involved in. You literally have no idea how she manages to deal with all of her school work AND have a social life AND be so overzealous and involved in Greek life as she is. She’s the superwoman of all things sorority. She whole-heartedly feeds into the sorority stereotypes. And while the enthusiasm is great for your organization’s image, it still makes you queasy. Like, seriously, please tone it down.

2. The One Who Slipped Through the Cracks

Every organization has their own personality. Sure, there are a lot of sororities out there that are diverse in personalities and appearances individually, but at the very core of every sorority, there is an essence and personality type that belongs to that organization. So let’s use the top tier sorority as an example. They’re all flawlessly beautiful, maintain the highest GPA, are fun to party with, and give back the most to the community. This is the ideal sorority for most. Enter the girl who slipped through the cracks in recruitment. Nobody is entirely sure how she got a bid or how she was so overlooked, but she does not fit in with the sorority at all. She’s not the most attractive girl you’ve ever seen, she has mediocre grades with a mediocre major, she has little to no personality, and she’d much rather be hitting a bowl than doing volunteer work. All in all, she’s not somebody you want to be representing your chapter. And yet, she got a bid. And for some reason, she sticks around. You can’t stand this girl because you have to be nice to her and you have to admit to people she’s your sister. There is nothing more aggravating than this girl being at your events, when she even bothers to show up at all.

3. The Girl at the Center of all Drama

You really don’t know how she does it, but whenever there is drama, she appears to be at the center of it. And when she’s not at the center of it, she knows ALL about it or even manages to make herself a part of it even if it literally has nothing to do with her. She thrives on this shit and will do everything she can to always know the latest gossip about sisters. She’s the one you’ll find in the corner making out with a sister’s date at formal, she’s the one who will spread the news of you puking in a frat’s bathroom before you even tell your best friend the whole story, and she’s the one who will lull you into a false sense of trust when you drunkenly confess things to her. She’ll pretend like she’s being the caring sister but she’s really just getting dirt on you to use the next time there is an absence of drama.

4. The Perfect One

You’re not entirely convinced this girl is even human. She’s got all of her shit together and appears to do it effortlessly. You’ve never seen her get black out drunk. She’ll always be happily tipsy at a party but never wasted. She’s the nicest person you know, never having a bad word to say about anyone. She’s the one who’s wardrobe is impeccable. At formal, we all look great, but she always manages to look just a little bit better. Her hair and makeup are always done flawlessly, even if she’s just wearing yoga pants and letters. She has a hard as shit major but still has one of the highest GPA’s in the sorority. She and her equally flawless boyfriend always look like they just stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalog. You can’t even say anything bad about her but you’re sure as hell extremely jealous of her.

5. The Risk Management Chair/The Standards Board President

This girl could be your literal best friend in the world. However, the minute she takes on one of these positions, she secretly becomes your enemy. While she’ll never completely suck all of the fun out of a party/event, she’ll do her best to make sure all fun is contained and appropriate. Seriously, fun sucker alert. We’re all aware of how important it is to have this position in our chapter but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. She’s the one who flags you when you’ve had too much to drink, even if you totally haven’t. Her word is God and whatever she says goes, since clearly you can’t be rational if you’ve had any alcohol in your system. She’s the one you have to answer to the day after a wild night where you made some questionable decisions. She’s the one who could put you on social restrictions if she so chose. She’s the girl you want to avoid at all costs at a party.

6. The Crazy Wild Party Girl

We all love to party. Well, most of us, anyway. Rare is the sorority girl who doesn’t enjoy a drunken night out with her sisters. But then there’s the one who always loves it just a little bit too much. The one you have genuine concerns about when going out. The one who inevitable vomits all over the place and makes a fool of herself by peeing in public. This girl is a walking Risk Manager’s nightmare. She never knows her limits or if she does, she chooses to run a mile past them. She never lacks an entertaining story about a drunk escapade. She’s fun in small doses but you’d never want to actually be her.

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