The 7 Best *NSYNC Songs (That Weren’t Singles)


“It Makes Me Ill”


Talk about lyrical bomb dropping; this song was slinging rhymes so fast, puberty couldn’t even keep up: “I was hangin with the fellas. Saw ya with ya new boyfriend; it made me jealous.” A perfectly executed slant rhyme. That insightful pang of Timberlake envy. And let’s not even get started on what this song looked like and sounded like live. Think: orgasms piled on chocolate cake heaped on top of a mansion filled with a hundred Justin Timberlakes.

“The Game is Over”


A song with arcade game sounds that drop into a deep synthesized bass beat is an obvious intro for any song with the word game in the title. For some, the playful pinball sounds are a little too much. (Those people must be Backstreet Boys’ fans.) For others, it’s the perfect amount of pop genius. Plus, as always, the lyrics were spot-on. “Heads I win and tails you (Britney) lose because you don’t have the right to choose.”

“Are You Gonna Be There?”


If you haven’t heard this song, it’s simply because you didn’t own the VHS released via McDonald’s that contained a short video of both Britney Spears and *NSYNC as well as a CD with several unreleased tracks. Why everybody with a vagina during the years of 1999-2002 didn’t purchase this package set from her nearest fast food disaster is beyond me. “Are You Gonna be There?” is the package highlight, as it is a(n obvious) lyrical masterpiece, and the VHS exclusive, well, we’ll just let that speak for itself.

“I Thought She Knew”


Taking young love for granted is a boy’s mistake. Singing about it in an octave higher than any woman is capable of—that, dear friends, is a man’s. Chris Kirkpatrick landed in Mariah Carey territory with this No Strings Attached gem, and we’re all more cultured people because of it. Wait, you don’t remember Chris? He’s the member of *NSYNC that once had dread locks and started a now-defunct clothing company called Fu Man Skeeto. You may have once confused him with Snoop Dogg. Anywho, this effortlessly harmonized song is, without a doubt, one of the few *NSYNC songs that is worthy of legitimate musical and vocal merit. Hell no, we don’t need Glee. We still have *NSYNC.

“Up Against the Wall”


Before dub step was a thing, 2 Step was barely a thing. For like, five minutes. In 2000. And Joey Fatone and Craig David were the only two people who knew it was going on. Still, this was a great song to practice grinding for your middle school dance.

“More Than a Feeling”


Oh, you guys didn’t know there was an a cappella cover of this Boston classic? And that *NSYNC once surprised a young fan to sing it to her on her birthday? Well, rest easy, young whippersnappers. A five-part harmony cover does exist, and it will blow your undies off.

“O Holy Night”


If you haven’t heard the *NSYNC version of this Christmas classic, you need to reevaluate your entire holiday experience.

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