The 8 Best Shows You Should Be Watching This Summer


As recently as a few years ago, summer was considered a down-time in the television world. The hazy days of June and July represented a breather of sorts, when networks could recharge and gear up for a big fall season.

But now? Not so much. Because of the recent, ever-so exciting television renaissance, that now old-world idea has been turned on its head. Summer is now the time to get hooked on the next big show, and for continuing shows to build upon their massive momentum.

With that in mind, here are a number of new and returning shows that should be on your radar this beach season:

1. Rectify (SundanceTV)

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Some of the best shows nowadays start with a loyal following, then eventually explode to unforeseen critically acclaimed heights. Rectify, which comes from the producers of a cute little series called Breaking Bad, may very well be that next big show.

Rectify tells the story of Daniel Holden, who returns to his hometown after a 19 year stint in prison after being convicted for the rape and murder of his girlfriend at age sixteen. Having been released due to newly found DNA evidence, Rectify’s dramatic intrigue operates on a number of different levels — ranging from Daniel’s personal readjustment struggle, to that of his questioned guilt or innocence, and the ripple effect that has on his community.

Returns on June 19th.

2. Girl Meets World (Disney)


This one’s been hyped up for awhile. Soon, the long anticipated sequel series to Boy Meets World will finally become a reality.

3. The Leftovers (HBO)


If you’ve been watching Game Of Thrones or Silicon Valley you’ve probably seen the mysterious previews for The Leftovers. The series is adapted from a novel by Tom Perotta that centers around a group of people left behind in a suburban town following a rapture-like situation. Definitely one to watch for.

4. Suits (USA)


You’ve probably heard about Suits over the past few summers — a legal drama that your one roommate probably never shuts up about, consistently touting the story of Harvey and Mike as one of the most underrated shows on television.

Or maybe that’s just my roommate.

5. Masters Of Sex (Showtime)

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After a very promising and well reviewed first season, Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen return for season 2 of Masters of Sex, the (true) story of Washington University sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. According to a preview, this season will take Masters and Johnson out of the hospital, and into other areas of St. Louis.

6. Tyrant (FX)


Tyrant is the story of an Americanized refugee who returns to his home country in the Middle East after 20 years, where his father is a dictator. Tyrant was created by Howard Gordon, whose previous credits include Homeland and 24. Should be a good one.

7. Wilfred (FXX)


Wilfred‘s been on the air for a few years now, but the absurdist comedy has really carved out a nice niche. This summer will be Wilfred‘s final season, meaning that you could now fully embrace one of the most underrated and adventurous comedies on television.

8. The Killing (Netflix) [youtube]

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the mystery of Rosie Larson — the first season everyone was “obsessed,” and then the conversation took a turn for the worst after a number of unsettled plotlines and cliffhangers that many fans disapproved of.

Nonetheless, it’s the Russell Westbrook of television shows; when in proper form, it’s one of the best. Netflix is bringing The Killing back for one more season, so we should expect some big things.

Break out of your walls and start living life again, because a second chance only comes one time. This post is brought to you by Rectify.

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