The 8 Celebrities On My ‘To Do’ List


Lately my friends and I have been talking a lot about the celebrities who would definitely be on our List — oh you know, the ones we would drop trou for if given the chance. I know it seems kind of unlikely, but you never know! I have a friend who recently made out with a very famous person at a party, so anything is possible in 2013 baby. And anyway, it’s always an awesome game to play with your friends because you can debate your types. My best friend is DYING to get porked by Jason Momoa-as-Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, but dude is just WAY too big for me. It’s too much! If it’s GoT we’re talking, I’d take Robb Stark in a second.

Here are the eight celebrities on my ‘To Do’ list. Who are yours? Put them in the comments, and may the debate begin!

James Marsden


James Marsden is maybe #1 on my list. He’s hot but not too hot, and I’m sure he’d be down for some creative positions. I love James because there’s nothing better than a high cheekbone — it’s the best part about a face! I like a lot of different types of guys, but the one thing that links almost all of them is their facial bone structure. James has a blessed pair of cheekbones and ice blue eyes that make you want to just throw yourself at him. I sure hope he has both of those puppies insured.

Jon Kortajarena


He’s not technically a celebrity, but he is one of the most famous male models working today. Plus he had a brief stint in Tom Ford’s A Single Man, so whatever. He counts! Maybe Karl Lagerfeld would be there to photograph the encounter and make it the new Chanel campaign.

James Franco


I used to be so into James Franco, but like the James Franco circa that TNT movie he did as James Dean back when I was in high school. He was so beautiful then, not that he’s a #Grindrfail right now. But…he’s maybe let himself go a little bit. I mean if James Franco’s people contacted me and wanted to schedule a porking I’d be down, just as long as he promised not to turn it into some kind of performance piece/interpretive dance/art project.

James Deen


And speaking of James Dean, James Deen is already a porn star! He’s a nice boy next door, and thankfully I already know what he’s working with. The Canyons might be a glorious hot mess, but as that New York Times profile of Lindsay Lohan showed, the thing that’s going to come out of this movie is James Deen. Is everyone ready for an A-list celebrity/porn star?!

Dave Franco


Dave Franco is so hot.

Marlon Wayans


Marlon Wayans is awesome. Cute, goofy, kind of like a kid who never really grew up — NOT THAT I’M INTO KIDS. I’ve always had the biggest crush on Marlon, even way back to In Living Color. He’s definitely the hottest of the Wayans, even if I don’t see his movies at all, ever.

Matt Bomer


So Matt Bomer and James Marsden are kind of exactly the same person. They both have worked out bodies, sculpted cheek bones, and both of them have played the hot neighbor on Modern Family or The New Normal. But Matt is actually a gay, though I don’t think I would be his type at. all. I remember when the White Collar posters first popped up around the subways in New York and all I could think was, JFC who is THAT guy. I don’t even care what the show is about. The thing about Matt Bomer is that he’s almost TOO hot. I don’t think I would even know where to start/remember what to do.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


May we profess our love for JGL and his beautiful, artistic soul.

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