The 8 Most Questionable NSYNC Looks Of All Time


NSYNC was the shit. Last night I was jamming to “Bye, Bye, Bye” like my life depended on it. HOWEVER. I recently discovered some photos and videos of them at the top of their hotness and all I have to say is…wow. They were cool and Justin was still amazing and all of that, but in hindsight these people looked absolutely ridiculous. Haven’t you ever found old photos of yourself from a few years ago and felt like WHAT ON EARTH WAS I THINKING. We have alllllll been to there at some point. Teased hair and gelled tips and neon overalls or whatever other mess you chose to wear. It’s not that you were ugly or poorly dressed, but more that what’s “in fashion” changes so quickly that things start to look real dated, real quick.

And speaking of things looking dated, here are the 8 most hilariously-outdated NSYNC looks.

Color-Tinted Sunglasses Were All The Rage

Worn only indoors, obviously. I guess they would need sunglasses to shield themselves from the many and various glares emanating from themselves, which is what happens when too many people wear different kinds of leather all at once.

Before He Emerged On The TRL Stage, Why Didn’t Someone Inform Chris Kirkpatrick That He Looked RIDICULOUS?


We will let J.C.’s grey sweater vest and his improperly tucked bright orange dress shirt slide. But scroll forward to the dance sequence at 1:44 if you want to see Chris wearing overalls AND multi-colored braids AND pig tails AND sunglasses on his head.

Sometimes It Is Okay To Put The Hair Bleaching Kit Down

J.C. has taken embroidered jeans to a whole new level. Also? What is that brown phallic strip dangling precariously in front of Lance’s fabulous brown leather pants?

This Is The Cover Of Their Debut Album

Everybody looks perfectly normal and sane. But look closely: Chris has a pair of goggles on his head. He has been snorkeling I guess.

They Know It Is All About The Pants

And J.C. managed to douse his in a mysterious white coating.

Sometimes NSYNC Got Very Cold

Here they are wearing matching iridescent snow suits. This is also the very beginning of Joey’s love of dramatic, floor-length coats.

But, Regardless, NSYNC Is So Amazing They Even Glow In The Dark

Oh I get it — this is their glow-in-the-dark-construction-worker/leather-daddy look!

Most Importantly, Only J.C. Holds The Secret To Fabulous Hair

It must be highlighted, teased to eternity, and buttressed by sky-blue snakeskin collared shirts.

You may have looked ridiculous, NSYNC, but we still love you. We still love you.

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