The 8 Most Important Pieces Of Advice I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self



When your father leaves, do not look for him in another person. If you already have, realize that those are flecks in their eyes, not footsteps.


When you get your first F, know that they failed you first. There should be a whole class on how to say no, but there isn’t. The A’s you earn will always be scarlet. So practice it in your bathroom mirror. Teach yourself. No. No. No.


Your hair is not the only part of yourself that needs body. What you have inside of you is power, that is why your ribs are caging it all in.


There is nothing more intimate than putting your hands all over another country. Pick a point on the map and let it love you harder than a boy ever will.


Do not beg anyone to stay. The beggar you were then will become a ghost. The ghost will remind you of it forever.


Take yourself out to dinner sometime. Put on something nice. Pass a rose to your other hand. People are fickle. They come and go, even though they mean well. You will always have yourself.


The first time someone shows you who they really are, believe them.


Find both solace and humility in this fact: Everything is temporary. Even you.