The 9 Types Of Friends Who Are Oddly Inspirational


Friends are great, and sometimes it’s nice to sit back and really think about why.

1. The free spirit.

Perhaps my biggest inspiration, this guy loves life more than anyone I’ve ever met. He does not behave out of insecurity or judgment, ever. I’m not talking the so insecure that you put on an extremely secure fake persona, I’m talking legitimately loves himself and life and others. He had strong passions and he follows them with no concern for others’ judgments. He is unafraid to show true emotion, to make himself vulnerable, and to be completely honest with himself and others. He doesn’t deny negative emotions, but enjoys life despite them. His type of love might be the least selfish I’ll ever experience.

2. The relater.

This person, for a short period of time, will take on my problems as if they were her own. She takes on my issues with my boss or my frustration with my housemate with the same passion and gusto as her own problems. When I really need a teammate in life, even it’s just for an hour, this person will truly care about my problems and my reality on a genuine level. Sometimes I get over the frustration and anger and grief just by sharing it with this person.

3. The humble friend. 

This person makes triple my salary, went to a ridiculously good university, lives in a nicer apartment, and is generally more successful than my (and everyone else) in every societally measurable way possible. Yet, she doesn’t actually value herself more than anyone else and has genuine interest in others’ life. She proves that you can be conventionally successful without being a douchebag or losing touch with what’s important. She embodies the idea that life isn’t about the highest salary or the best university, it’s about the person you become.

4. The passionate hard-worker.

This person pours himself 200% into everything he does. New super shitty job as a burger flipper? He’s going to give it all he’s got and more. He’s going to learn to flip the best burger you’ve ever seen, and do it with passion and integrity. New job that demands 100 hours a week? He’s not only going to do it without complaint, he’s going to give it all he has and learn to love every moment of the work. There’s no half-assing it with this guy, he gives it his all.

5. The persistent pusher. 

This friend has been hit with blow after blow of bad luck and rejection, from unemployment to hardcore poverty to serious family issues to numerous romantic rejections, yet persists through with a positive attitude. She grew up in tough circumstances and never for a second let it stop her. When she’s rejected from a job, she asks for feedback. She’s not afraid to push and push for things she wants and she’s refused rejection on more than one occasion. Oh, you don’t want me to work here? Well, that’s a mistake, and let me tell you all the reasons why. Not surprisingly, she’s gotten pretty far in life.

6. The hobby enthusiast. 

This person finds something he likes, and pursues it. After deciding he likes skiing, he watches hours of YouTube videos on it, drives overnight 14 hours to do it, and pushes himself 100%. Sometimes the interests change, but he is constantly using his free time and resources to do and try the most awesome stuff. In my free time, I watch sitcoms. In his free time, he climbs mountains, pickles vegetables, and learns circus tricks.

7. The problem solver.

This person solves problems just cause, ya know, they’re there and need solving. Oh no, some rando in the street has a flat? Better fix that! Your non-profit needs a place to host its food drive? No worries, he knows a guy who knows a guy! I had my bike stolen, and this guy fundraised to buy me a new one. For real. This guy identifies friends’ and society’s problems and then somehow pulls a quick solution out of a hat for no other reason than problems need to be solved.

8. The anti-bullshiter. 

This girl has taught me how to tell it like it is in a tactful and intelligent way. She unabashedly tells the world what she thinks and how she feels and lays out exactly what she needs in a non-condescending way (it doesn’t hurt that she’s ridiculously smart, and thus usually right). It’s so much easier to be someone’s friend when they’re honest to a T and you’re not forced to understanding the hidden meaning behind everything. I can trust her 100% and she knows herself better than anyone else I’ve ever met. This girl has amazing self-esteem without sacrificing any respect for everyone around her.

9. The “down-for-anything” dude.

How about we call in sick to work and go to the beach? Sure! Oh, I just missed my flight, how about you cancel all your plans and we drive halfway across the country overnight? Sure! This friend is willing to turn a search for a towed car into an adventure and dance in traffic on the highway. No matter how crazy things get or how many people scoff at your existence, he’ll stay positive and have fun. Hell yeah!