The Aftermath Of Loving Someone Too Much


You will see him in your dreams. You will see him along a very busy street, during your busiest days, and even when you are with your friends in the middle of a party. You will always take some time to think of him every single day, and will keep on hoping that it is not yet over. You will hope and try harder, even if you fail and after you have let him go.

Because, just like earthquakes, the aftershocks of loving someone too much can be stronger than the initial destruction.

Sometimes, it will be painful and at times it will be beautiful. There will be times when you are genuinely happy, but there will also be times when you will miss him so much, despite him not doing everything to keep you.

You will certainly move on. You will love someone again and try to search for another happy ending to your story, but you will always find yourself coming back to those memories and the feelings of happiness that you had with them.

Yet, aftermaths can also make you realize that it’s over and that only the aftereffects remain. You cannot hold on to that little piece of hope and expect to see him right at the end of the tunnel, waiting for you. Because if loving someone too much is the right thing to do, then why were you left behind? Why did you have to suffer the loss of someone you loved so much?

You can love someone too much, but that may mean the chapter after the happily ever after ending will be about you standing up on your own, and continuing to write your own story. It is not all about the aftermath anymore, but it is about you and him who both tried. And although you failed, you are willing to start loving again.

Because we all deserve to be happy, no matter how much we have hurt or loved someone deeply.